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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Obama and Guiliani's Comments to Jews About Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
On the 1st of March Obama met with 50 members of the Conference of Presidents of major Jewish organizations. He spent an hour talking about the future peace deal between Israel and Palestine and assured them that "Jewish areas "would stay in Israel's hands. What he meant by "Jewish areas" was not defined so some felt this was ambiguous.

Then President Obama addressed a group of Jewish Democratic  Doners on Friday about Israel. He said that neither the USA or Israel should be worried about what's going on in the Middle East today. According to him, the changes could be thought of as "dangerous and worrisome" for Israel, but we have to be sober about it. Well, I should hope so! He sees the upheavals and demonstrations as a big opportunity. In his way of thinking, the forces coming to the forefront should naturally align with the USA and should be aligned with Israel. I'm alarmed about what Muslims are saying.  It's not calming my fears.  The Muslim Brotherhood is already speaking out about Israel. 

Obama is looking into the future and seeing that in 10 years we'll all feel now was the dawning of a better era where people will be for something and not against things.

Rudy Giuliani was in Israel this week. He spoke to the Haifa Chamber of Commerce who were involved with Industry's 90th anniversary celebrations and told them he wasn't sure he'll run for president in 2012. He spoke about Iran's nuclear aspirations and believes the military option should stay on the table. He is New York's former mayor. He feels Obama should be more supportive of Israel than he has been and more realistic. Giuliani disagrees with Obama in that he does not blame Israel for holding up the peace process but feels it's up to the Palestinians. The ball is in the Palestinians side and they must solve the problem by talking with Israel.

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