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Friday, March 25, 2011

Look Who's Supplying Money to Syria and Iran for Nuclear Intentions

Nadene Goldfoot
There are things our government uses our money on that they shouldn't, especially at a time like this. Here we are borrowing money and pay exorbitant interest on it and we're supporting their plans to hit Israel, for one thing since Iran has announced their intention publicly already.

It turns out that the USA is the biggest funder of this U.N. program that was designed to develop nuclear technology in countries.  Our State Department doesn't listen to our Government Accountability Office who recommended this to stop.  It has been going on for years.

The reason given for its continuance is to set a good example for other countries to pay for this service.  The funding in 2010 was that we paid $21 million dollars in "voluntary contributions," plus $10.3 million more in "extra budgetary assistance."  This amounted to $31.3 million dollars to fund Israel's hateful Muslim neighbors' plans to destroy them.

The case that countries must be developing nuclear goals is beyond me.  The fact is that Syria and Iran live in the hottest climate on earth and really need to develop "how to get along with themselves and others" far more than they do nuclear fuel, especially when they happen to be in the business of selling oil to the world who uses that more than nuclear supplies.  Positive useful uses of nuclear energy are: energy, health (look at Japan's problems right now), food and agriculture.  This money, they say, is providing equipment, training and other help (of which I am concerned about) to countries around the world.  They know this can contain dual-use-for peaceful purposes and for attacking others, but they continue to keep on supplying known  belligerent countries such as Syria and Iran.  How dumb have we been!

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