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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Insanity of the United Nations

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                       

Iran has been placed in the craziest of positions in the UN.  On Tuesday, the day Netanyahu warned the General Assembly about Iran, member representatives of the world elected Iran to a job whose duties are to relay information and reports about disarmament and armament activities between the committee and the General Assembly!  This is to be the head of the "UN Disarmament Commission.  

This is the former position filled by Norway's diplomat, Knut Langeland.  The first committee on disarmament and international security is made up of all 193 member states.  It considers all matters connected to the topic and they are to seek out solutions to these problems.  They are then to draft solutions that will be debated later in the General Assembly but they have no power to pass resolutions.  One gets the position by applying for it which Iran did on July 30th.

Ron Prosor, Israeli Ambassador to the UN, said that if Iran had this post it would be like "inviting Assad, the Syrian dictator responsible for the death of 100,000 of his own people, to be head of the population census bureau."  His job would be to count people after killing so many.  The Americans of the American Jewish Committee said they were "appalled" at the election.  Why?  This is typical of the UN.  This is the way they have been operating.  It is not the first reward for misbehaving in the UN.

 Look who the rapporteur has been to oversee the Palestinian Arabs' situation in Judea, Samaria and east Jerusalem since 1967's war against Israel, Richard Falk, who started serving in 2008 and won't be stepping down until 2014.  He is the worst person to be the rapporteur being he is constantly against Israel.  The worst part is that he is a self-hating Jew, which makes it even more unrealistic to be in this position.  A person with obvious psychological problems of disliking his own people is not able and has not been demonstrating any even-handedness in judging any sort of situation.  But oh, what a darling for Israel's enemies who wish to boot all Jews out of the Middle East.  He's been so obviously disgusting that "he has been criticized by U.S. ambassador, Susan Rice, for recommending a boycott of companies that profit from Israeli settlements, and by Secretary-General of the  United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, for suggesting there had been a cover-up of the 9/11 attacks.

The anti-Defamation League, an American Jewish group who is a watch-dog in such matters of anti-Semitic activities, is also alarmed by this electing Iran into such a sensitive position.  Their executive director, Abraham H. Foxman, said that this was the height of hypocrisy and that it was simply unbelievable.  The American Jewish Committee's executive director, David Harris, also commented that it is a reward for misbehavior and is a tragic stain on the UN.  He doesn't think that this should stop such countries as Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the US from standing firm in negotiations to ensure that Iran comes clean on its nuclear program.  Really?  Who was just elected as the watchdog?  The results will now go through Iran!  Who's there to stop him?  

How did Iran take Netanyahu's speech that warned the world of their past activities that are leading to having a nuclear A bomb to be used on Israel?  Of course the Islamic Republic News Agency called it baseless.  Iran is head of the Non-Aligned Movement for the term of 2012 to 2015.   Who is the head of this group?  Why, President Hassan Rouhani, of course.  He has called for a Middle East to be free of weapons of mass destruction, saying that while his country has been churning out the necessary ingredients for such a thing 24/7.

 He then said with a straight face that Iran rejects the development, possession or use of nuclear weapons.  He said that because he followed that lie up with slamming Israel for being the only country in the region to have such weapons and for not acceding to the Non-Proliferation Treaty.  Sure, Iran has signed it, but the document was found to be in noncompliance.  What good is it?  With such a hidden agenda of theirs, it means less than the paper it was printed on.  

The facts are that Iran has threatened Israel with total destruction.  Israel hasn't threatened anyone.  They show their force when they are attacked with their own weapons minus the use of any A bomb.  Like we say about hot dogs; we answer to a higher power.  That is our weapon.  

The philosophy of such a group of people allows lying in order to achieve their means.  This is quite different from most liars who do it to wiggle out of an embarrassing situation.  They do it on purpose in a planned manner to go from point A to point B, and it doesn't bother them to do so at all.  Lying under any circumstance is not ethical,  but doing it in this manner really deserves more points in nastiness.  They are not displaying any conscience. So without cracking a smile, Tehran says it is ready for a "sincere participation in nuclear negotiations."  

What is criminal is how the UN has been hijacked from such high ethical standards that it once held to this low point devoid of any moral goodness or feeling of obligation to do right among its participants.  The world stands threatened by an off the wall country and they don't even have the sense to understand that they are now standing on the precipice and are about to be pushed off the mountain.  


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