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Friday, October 25, 2013

Releasing Murderers to Sate Arabs At Peace Table

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                        

Who does Israel have in prisons that the Palestinian Authority will not continue talking until they are all released?  "A recent terrorist release saw the government set free several convicted murderers, including terrorists who burned young children alive, and who slaughtered senior citizens with axes.  These are not nice murderers such as you might find in the USA, if you can consider any murderer "nice."  These acts are revolting!  We're dealing with a people who make it a science to be cruel just to get their own way.

Justice Minister, Tzipi Livni, 55,  is in a bind.  She heads Israel's negotiations with the PA.  The PA leaders have repeatedly  threatened that there will be no peace agreement with Israel unless Israel releases "every terrorist" from their prisons, no matter what they have done.

A bill has been brought into the Knesset that would ban the release of terrorists as a good-will gesture to the PA because of the crimes committed by these people.  It is ludicrous to release such criminals who will undoubtedly go out and commit such crimes again until caught.  Livni has been actually working to bury this bill because she thinks it will make life harder for her to appease the PA leaders.  They'll probably just walk out.  So she's been pressuring Netanyahu to join her to stop the bill before it is voted on.  The Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home) party was outraged and said that it's more important to keep terrorist murderers in jail that to keep Livni in the government.  What it comes down to for many as they see it is that she can get permits for construction in Judea and Samaria for Jews if terrorists are released.  What's important is to save lives and keep murderers in jail, not building, they said.

Names up for release of course are of mass murderers and arch-terrorists.  There are no nice guys that are terrorists in Israel's jails.

Personally, the deaths I've been reading about in our Oregonian newspaper as violent ones that are occurring in Syria and Lebanon.  Today, the story of Portland nurse Martina Ford met a mother whose baby had been shot to death while she held the child in her arms.  In past days I've read about children shot in Syria just for being on the street, as if someone were target practicing using them as targets.  The deaths are hideous.  It's unimaginable cruelty  that is going on.  Terrorists lead the way in practice and then get to be glorified for doing so.

I know that Israel does not nor ever intended to let such prisoners out of their jails.  They are under pressure by the world to bring about Abbas to the peace table and have gone to such lengths, putting themselves in harm's way.  Our government should be ashamed of themselves for allowing or encouraging this to have ever taken place.   Whatever happened to such decisions as the Geneva Convention?  There should have been an outrage of expecting such a thing to bring about peace when murderers are not of the same mind.

"US Secretary of State John Kerry, who in July nudged Israel and the Palestinian Authority into resuming talks frozen since September 2010, was on Wednesday meeting Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in Rome, according to officials, to discuss Iran, Syria and the talks with the Palestinian Authority.  The talks were due to run for seven hours. "

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