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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Turkey Keeps Punishing Israel: 10 Spies Outed

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                         

Israel had 10 spies operating in Iran.  Every country has spies in other countries.  However, who would suspect that Turkey, still holding a mean grudge against Israel over the 2010 Mavi Marmara ship incident, would know who these spies were and would expose them to the world?  That's just what Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan did.  He approved the exposing.  Ankara's decision to expose these Mossad informants was decided early last year when Turkish-Israeli relations deteriorated.  After all that confrontation cost Israel dearly already.  To be able to come to a peaceful agreement over an incident where Turkey was the defiant person in the situation and brought on the results to themselves and where Israel was merely protecting their own lives  still looms in Turkey's vengeful mind.

Now, this is an important loss of intelligence for Israel that could have benefited surly people like Erdogan and his country as well.  It was his cruel effort to cut the Israelis to the core.  Mossad was running their Iranian spy network through Turkey and Turkey's  intelligence was able to monitor covert Israeli-Iranian  meetings.  We all know why this was important, even to the whole world.  It's about the Iranian development of nuclear power that can be used as an A bomb to destroy Israel.  It's a big deal that can affect the whole Middle East and the United States.  Is Turkey trying to curry favors with Iran by doing this?  If so, they are already condescending power to Iran in this act.

Israel's Netanyahu initially refused to apologize to Erdogan, who disregarded warnings and didn't consider Israel's position at all while pretending to be a friend back in 2010.  Turkey suffered deaths because of the stand they took, and have not forgiven Israel, as we can see.  Israel and Turkey had had a good relationship lasting the past 50 years, so Mossad probably didn't see this act coming.  It goes to show that we can't trust anyone. It's a nasty betrayal.

More of their betrayal is "Ankara – a NATO ally – chose a U.S.-sanctioned Chinese company to build a missile defense system in Turkey, triggering concerns in Washington."  They're covering all their bases, aren't they?  

Resource: Breaking Israel News

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