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Monday, October 7, 2013

Yom Kippur War of 1973 Remembered with an Intifada of Rioting, Killing in Israel and Egypt

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                

Yesterday was a celebration with violence of the anniversary of the Yom Kippur War of October 6, 1973 when Egypt and Syria attacked Israel with their other neighbors always so eager to get their licks in,  which for Egypt is a national day of celebration as they think they won that war. The Arab states were grumbling and plotting ever since Israel was the winner in their vile mass attack against her in 1967, so by 1971 and 1972 Egypt demanded weapons from the Soviet Union being the USA supported Israel with weapons.  Russia refused them, not wanting to extend its military involvement in Egypt. Sadat was so angry that he expelled most of the Soviet military personnel from Egypt in return.  At the end of 1972 the option of war appeared more remote than ever.  Negotiations were one option, but evidently Golda Meier was finished with them.

Incidentally, Egypt had the upper hand until October 14th when the tide turned and Israel crossed the Suez Canal and cut off the Egyptian 3rd Army.  Only Kissinger stopped Israel from taking Cairo with his cease fire.  Israel was heated up after the sneak attack from their neighbors on the highest of holy days when all Jews were in a synagogue praying.  They then signed a peace treaty with Israel in 1979.  This was brought about because Israel gave back the Sinai it had won in the 1967 attack of all the Arab nations upon the wee state.  This has brought on a lot of rioting in Israel and evidently the same thing is going on in Egypt.

Along with the threatened 3rd intifada in Gaza starting up by radical Muslim groups of Hamas  and Fatah and others in Israel, Egypt has its hands full of the Muslim Brotherhood continuing to demonstrate and be against the takeover of the military secularists of Egypt.  The Muslim Brotherhood Charter is the same as the Hamas Charter and they are against the creation of Israel and are all out to kill Jews and take Israel for themselves.  Egypt had been enjoying peace with Israel with Sadat at the helm.  They even had Israeli tourists visit who were so excited to see this exotic country that held so much of their history as well.  Jews were finally allowed to visit with peace being in place.

Today, militants (Muslim Brotherhood members) killed 6 Egyptian soldiers near the Suez Canal and hit the state satellite station in Cairo with rocket-propelled grenades.  This is demonstrating an Islamist insurgency that is in step with an intifada.

Many members of the Muslim Brotherhood died in clashes with security forces and opponents yesterday.  It turned out to be one of the bloodiest days since July when the Muslim Brotherhood head, President Morsi,  was deposed.  53 people were reported killed in the clashes and 271 were wounded.  Of course the Brotherhood is denying all involvement in the rioting.  His supporters are calling for protests for tomorrow and Friday.  Egypt's army chief said he told Morsi back in February that he had failed as a president.  Pro-Morsi rallies were some of the largest since he had been ousted 3 months ago.

Egypt's military has been forced to take a tough stand with the Muslim Brotherhood who has not been compliant about acting peacefully.  They didn't like losing.  They were told they would be treated as agents of foreign powers if they partook in riots right now.  In return, the Brotherhood accused the army of the coup and eliminate them through violence, allegations  and arrests.  There have been rioting in the Sinai on security forces and in the suburb of Cairo called Maadi.  Car bombs are also used.

Soldiers were fired upon Ismailia while sitting in their car near Canal.  In the heart of Cairo were clashes.
Militants are following al-Qaeda in the Sinai and have killed over 100 security force members since July.  Hundreds of the Brotherhood were killed on August 14th when security forces broke into their camps in Cairo.  As General Sissi said, they reacted to the will of the people after his first year who were quickly fed up with the Brotherhood and their false promises.  They had always been outlawed anyway in Egypt.

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Unknown said...

We are not against jews.we are against Israel.this land belong to Palestinians.Jews lives in Iran and other countries no one say anything to them because they are not involved in the terrorist activities of Israel.

Nadene Goldfoot said...

The land does not "belong" to the Palestinians. Do your homework and research facts. Read about the decision of the League of Nations in 1922. All the countries voted that Jews should have their Homeland. The land had been in the hands of the Ottoman Empire who lost it at the end of World War I. These are facts. Another fact is that it was the land of Israel and Judah originally anyway, a Jewish land.