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Thursday, October 31, 2013

No Peace Until All Murderers Released

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                        

Does anyone see something wrong with this?  Since when would one country make peace only on the condition that its vile murderers are released out of a prison and into their custody?  Since when would one country abide by this demand and release murderers of their people?  

It has only happened with the USA leadership in peace discussions that have been forced upon Israel after asking patiently for years to talk about having peace  with Abbas.  Abbas had quit talking and there was no peace between Fatah in Judea and Samaria and their sidekick, Hamas in Gaza with Israel.  John Kerry, Secretary of State is the leader of these talks holding out the carrot and the stick.  He's allowed Abbas, evidently, to make such demands, and Israel has had to go along or be charged with holding up peace talks.  How convenient.  Allowing the utterly impossible and then blackmailing Israel into being the stubborn mule.

The exasperating thing is that the murderers are the top of the line most horrible kind of murderers that abide in Israel's jails.  In this tiny country of democracy and common sense, the death law is non-existent unless you were one of the worst of  Nazi killers.  All of Israel's citizens are up in arms about this release of horror.  "Among the most notable cases is Damouni Saad Mohammed Ahmed, who was convicted of involvement in the brutal lynch of IDF reservist Amnon Pomerantz, age 47,  in the Gaza Strip in 1990. "  He was found stoned and burned to death.  and by that is meant hit with stones, rocks, not drugged, and then burned.  It happened on Rosh Hashanah, our major holiday of the birth of the world.  He had become lost and wandered into a refugee camp and this is how they treated him.  The mob attacked.  Ahmed was the leader of this mob attack.  It must have felt like accidentally opening the door to the pit bulls' arena.  

Too bad Israel doesn't insert a chip in them for location purposes so that they will know where they are going as protection for others.  If they try anything, it should be back to prison without anymore chances of being released.  What they all have done is unimaginable to normal people.

The Palestinians are going wild with glee in their happiness to have won this bout with Israel by getting 26 murderers released in this 2nd release.  Abbas met them in Ramallah.   They are so happy to get back these "outstanding  heroes" in their culture. Surely now they will be the impetus to create more just like them.  More murderers are scheduled to be released, of course.   Is there anyone out there ready to trade neighbors?  Or Secretary of State?


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