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Monday, April 30, 2012

Continued Facts on How USA Sold Arms to Saudi Arabia

Nadene Goldfoot

 Oliver North was known to be favorable towards Israel and an Iraq-hater. From 1981-82 Caspar Weinberger was in Defense and Bill Casey at the CIA wanted our policy to favor Iraq but was being blocked.

 Reagan's first two years saw Secretary of State Alexander Haig as having an anti-Iraq pro-Israel line, including sending weapons to Iran to fight against Iraq. North was being snubbed and was thrown out of the inner circle that wanted to save Iraq from military loss.

 So in February 1982, CIA director Casey met with the head of the Iraqi secret service and was sending Saddam Hussein AWACS intelligence which he got from planes recently sold to the Saudis over Israel's strenuous objections.

 By 1983 Casey had a secret CIA group in Baghdad, giving Saddam Hussein everything from satellite photos to Iranian plans of battle.

 Here we are aiding and abetting Iraq who was also against Israel one minute and then killing off Saddam later. Now the USA is also in peril from Iran's ire from supposedly being such friends with Israel.

Whatever goes on with high level friendships always leads to one thing; Israel's danger. This is only one of many events.

 Resourc: The Secret War Against the Jews by John Loftus and Mark Aarons

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