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Monday, April 2, 2012

UN Violations of International Law, Opts To Destroy Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
"Israel is among the best in the world with their human rights record and is the best in the region.
Israel has a free press, generally critical of Israel's government.
Israel has an independent judiciary and it's the only one in the entire area.
Israel's Supreme Court is one of the best in the world and is the only court where an Arab in the Middle East can get justice in lawsuits brought against any government." (Alan Dershowitz, lawyer). 

No Arab country has a free press.
The Palestinian Authority (Fatah-with Abbas as leader) does not have a free press.
Still, the Human Rights UN Group goes along with the demands of the Arabs, being a majority with oil money. 

Now the United Nations' Human Rights Council, hostile to Israel,  is trying to damn all of Israel, using the passe and biased 2009 Goldstone Report as its basis.  Since Goldstone of South Africa turned in his report, he has taken back what he reported and has admitted he was wrong in accepting all the facts he used as true.  In it Israel was not the only one chastised but the resolution adopted picked on Israel only, Goldstone said.  He also said that he hoped a new era of evenhandedness at the UN Human Rights Council would begin whose history of bias against Israel cannot be doubted.  Soory, Richard Goldstone.  It's only gotten worse. 

This UNHRC's resolution is to investigate Israeli settlements as being against the rights of the Palestinian people throughout "Occupied Palestinian Territory"  including East Jerusalem.  They are trying every trick possible to bring down Israel.  This has caused Israel to leave the Human Rights Council in protest.

I've been complaining about the use of "West Bank" in reference to Judea and Samaria.  West Bank was the term created by Jordan who held onto the land illegally from 1948 to 1967 when Israel won the war after being attacked by Jordan and other surrounding states.

The Arabs are now referring to Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem as OPT (Occupied Palestinian Territory).  The land is not occupied by Israel and it is not Palestinian.  Let's look at the facts.

 There never was any Palestinian sovereignty or any Palestine country.  The Arabs have no legal claim to this territory, only Israel does.  Jews living under the Palestine Mandate were called "Palestinians".  Arabs living there were considered "Syrians" or "Jordanians" or "Arabs."  It wasn't until 1960's and 1970's that they started calling themselves "Palestinians".  They did that in order to claim all of Mandated Palestine for themselves.

San Remo Peace Conference  April 1920, initially held to create the Jewish National Home.  This is under international law; land that became Israel was never intended to be another Arab land of which there is much already.
May 15, 1948, creation of Israel gives Israel legal rights to Palestine, never lapsed, never annulled or voided and never legally transferred to "Palestinians" who have become the Arab people.  Arabs were offered their state in 1948 as well but never accepted, holding out to take all the land instead.  Offer has been continual and never taken for same reasoning.

1947 Partition Resolution, Security Council Resolution 242, Israel-PLO Agreements, Road Map Peace Plan
  None of these have stopped the rights of the Jewish People to the former Mandated Palestine. 

Arabs refuse to accept the San Remo Resolutions and Mandate.  They feel it is in violation to Arab rights and so are illegal.  They want the laws reversed now and Israel destroyed.  They do not go along with the Oslo Accords, which divide land into Areas A (Palestinian Control) ,B Palestinian and Israel Control, and C Israel Control) .  Their goals have never changed since 1948. 

Palestinians (Arabs) can build in A and B where they are in control.  They also want to build in C, where Israel is in control.  There are 350,000 Israelis living in C and only 50,000 Arabs.  If and when Israel cedes C, all would be Israeli citizens. 

The international community uses the 4th Geneva convention (FGC) in classifying Judea and Samaria as "occupied territory" now.  They question the security fence Israel built, saying it was illegal. The Palestinians keep rewriting the rules to favor their causes. 

Israel could claim sovereignty over Area C.  She has the right to do so. 


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