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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Obama's Close Ancestral Relationship to Jews?

Nadene Goldfoot
It is the belief of some Muslims throughout the world that Barak Hussein Obama, the American President, is of Jewish descent from his maternal side. They say that his mother is on the branch from the Rockefeller lineage of the House of Rothschild.

They are so wrong. His mother was Stanley Ann Dunham b: November 29, 1942 in Kansas. A professional genealogist has connected him to Ireland to the Donovans and Benns, but I haven’t found where he or any other president has Jewish roots.

 I checked out the family on and found them on the 1930 census in El Dorado, Butler, Kansas. Stanley was 12. They lived with 84 year old Christopher C. Clark and the Armours. In 1920 they lived in Wichita, Wd 5, Kansas. Stanley of course was 1 and 9 months. They lived with Christopher C Clark, then 74, a widow and father in law. There was a 26 year old Ralph Dunham, the son in law and they lived with the Armours, and 19 year old Ruth Dunham nee Armour. So Obama’s mother grew up with her grandparents in her extended family.

 They said that through this line he was connected to Bush, Cheney and Clinton’s trees. The belief puts those just mentioned to be of Jewish descent.

 It is true that Rothschild is a Jewish family, but not the Rockefellers.

 They are an American Christian family of German origin, not of a Sephardic (Spanish, Portugese) Jewish family that is rumored. The family has had several important enterpreneurs and bankers in the family for several generations. Just because both families are rich and because their surnames start with Ro....does not make both Jewish, for heaven’s sakes. Non-Jews are certainly capable of making money, too. This is so anti-semitic.

 Hitler and the Nazis referred to the Rockefellers as Jewish in order to demonstrate that the Jews ran the world through the power of money. John D. Rockefeller, Sr., the founder of Standard Oil and reputedly the richest man ever, is the one anti-semites call “Jewish.” Actually, his mother, Eliza Davison, was not Jewish. John is a devout Baptist.

 Jews, and I’m talking about Jews of today, are not in the business of taking over the world, so the Illuminati should get that falsehood out of their heads. All Jews would like is to be able to live in their little piece of land in peace.

 This belief that the Muslim messiah is coming because there is a connection between Muslims and Jews in blood is not going to be from Obama, that’s for sure. He’s hasn’t been good for Jews in Israel.

2 comments: said...

Obama by blood, is a J E W.
His mother a Marxist Jewess.
The Chicago Tribune called him Americans First Jewish President.
Be proud!

Nadene Goldfoot said...

Do you believe everything printed in newspapers? That's not a reliable source to cite. Obama by blood is not Jewish. His religion supposedly is Christianity. The only way it can be proved that he has any Jewish genes, which would not make him Jewish, as he doesn't believe in our religion, is to take a thorough family finder dna test, and that he probably hasn't done. His mother may have been Marxist, but that doesn't make her Jewish, either. That's a political belief, not a religion.