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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Muslims Attacking Israel's Treatment of Christians ?

Nadene Goldfoot

“People that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” The pro Muslim people are busy trying to castigate Jews by saying in many BDS movements that they are unfair to Christians in Israel. That’s the opposite of facts. Israel has no reason or inclination to be that way. However, look at what happens in Muslim dominated countries and how they treat Christians.

 In Jos, Nigeria an attack of a blast on Christians just happened where 6 are dead and 9 injured after seeing a soccer game. Spectators were leaving after watching the European Champions Leage semi-final between Barcelona and Chelsea late Tuesday. In the Christian village of Gwa-Rim, the mainly Muslim Fulani ethnic group of gunmen attacked the villagers with 5 people killed. They had gone from house to house, and 2 of the dead were children.

 In fact, thousands of people have been killed in clashes between Muslim and Christians ethnic groups in central Nigeria in recent years. Jos happens to be the capital of Plateau state, is in a middle region dividing mainly Muslims and Christians. There have been lots of bomb blasts there. Why is it that differences of religion come along with the baggage of differences in politics?


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