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Monday, April 9, 2012

Israelis Not Into Denial: Facts Speak Loud and Clear -Grass and Iran

Nadene Goldfoot
Guenter Grass, 84 years old Polish German is not a historian, but an emotional poet who is in denial of the facts of life.  He has been denied entrance to Israel because of a poem that he has written saying that Israel was as dangerous as Iran!  I doubt if he ever intended to visit anyway.  It's much easier to just damn a people than actually checking into their history. 

His poem so unrealistic as to the facts that Israel declared him persona non grata, even though he has been a 1999 Nobel-author.  His style might be fantastic but certainly his expectation that Israel should just accept being wiped off the earth is ridiculous.

Germany has also criticized Grass.  The Health Minister in Germany was one who was disappointed with him;.  In view of the fact that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and others in Iran have threatened Israel's existence, it is unrealistic to blame Israel for causing unrest in the world.  Yet Grass has managed to gather 1,000 marchers in his favor in Germany on Easter who are against Israel's threats of ending Iran's atomic program if they will not be in compliance to the world expectations. 

This multi-faceted novelist, playright, poet and artist  just of late has admitted in a 2006 autobiography that he had been drafted into the Waffen-SS Nazi paramilitary when he was 17 at the end of World War II.  Israel has barred him with their law that prevents entry to ex-Nazis. 

Grass has called "Western hypocrisy" over Israel's nuclear program and called Israel a threat to "already fragile world peace" over its stance on Iran's danger to the world.  Israel is shocked over his moral equivalence of equating Israel with Iran.  First of all, Iran with its population of 76,923,300 Shi'a Muslims compared to Israel's 7,000,000 (almost 6 million Jews and over 1 million Sunni Muslims)  is absolutely lopsided , but it is Iran constantly threatening Israel's existence, not the other way around..  The only thing of late that Israel is threatening is their underground atomic plant. 

Grass is also forgetting the fact that there is a Sunni-Shiite factor here as well.  Iran and Iraq had fought a horrible war in the 80's where millions died, and their only difference was that their Islamic viewpoints  differed.  There is a power struggle still going on.   Israel has never threatened Iran's life.  They have only warned everyone that atomic power in the hands of irrational people puts everyone in harm's way.  Israel is not  the only country that realizes this.  Doesn't anyone wonder how a country sitting on land filled with oil could need atomic power as well?

To me this is exactly like blaming the victim instead of the perpetrator in a crime.  It is illlogical.  Iran has been threatening Israel continuously in the most vile of ways along with preparing an atomic industry while lying to inspectors in the sleaziest of ways.  One has to have blinders on not to realize their intentions towards Israel. Not only their intention, but the fact remains that they have been backing Israel's neighbors in a campaign to wipe her off the map.  Iran is behind Syria and the Palestinian Arabs in their constant attacks on Israel.  In both word and deed Iran is an enemy of Israel. 

Iran's Fordo site is an underground bunker near Qom and is built underground because of sanctions and the threats of attacks.  They in turn have done nothing but threaten Israel's very existence.  They are enriching their uranium to 20% purity and have the goal of P5+.  This means that they are intending to produce atomic warfare, not just medical supplies.  The world has known about this for years, now.  Time is close by to their completion. 

As to whether or not Israel has atomic ability has remained speculative.  Israel has not threatened anyone with it.  It would be impossible to use atomic bombs on close-by neighbors without harming themselves.  However, just the possibility that they may have it has been enough to keep enemies at an arm's distance, so this is enough of a protection.    Israel has the scientists and brains to create medical supplies without having to use atomic energy.  They have shared with  the whole world all their inventions in this field. 

It's too bad that there hasn't been 1,000 marchers  in the world showing disfavor with Iran's plan's to create atomic energy and to stop them from threatening Israel's existence.  So much for the world to recognize what's truly right and wrong. 
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