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Monday, April 9, 2012

Getting Tough With Iran; Is Time Running Out?

Nadene Goldfoot
Obama has given a message to Iran that upcoming talks with them are their last opportunity for a peaceful solution to their atomic developments.  The question is, is there any teeth to this statement?  The last thing that Obama wants is for Israel to attack Iran's atomic building sites; at least not until after November's presidential election.

In order to bring this about, our goverment is alluding to some sort of prior knowledge that we would have before any decision on Iran's part would be to build a nuclear bomb.  The White House officials are insinuating that it will take Iran at least another year to build a nuclear weapon if it were to start on some sort of crash program right now. 

The problem in swallowing all this is that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA ) chief Yukiya Amano warned a whole month ago that Iran had tripled its production of higher-enriched uranium since November and was denying the IAEA access to Parchin.  This is the site that they had done tests that were strong indicators of developing a bomb. Besides this, there is some missing uranium metal that is large enough to be used for experiments in arming a nuclear missile.  It is unaccounted for.   If the IAEA is alarmed, why isn't our government uneasy? 

The nations could demand the immediate closing and ultimate dismantling of the deep-underground Fordo enrichment facility.  This is a place that is very worrisome for Israel.  They could call for a halt in the production of uranium fuel that is just a few steps away from bomb grade.  Iran has been shipping existing stockpiles of that fuel out of the country.  They may have already worked on warhead designs and nuclear triggers.  The question remains as to where it is going.  They are simply hoping that sanctions and the threat of Israeli military action will cause the Iranians to come to a negotiated settlement. 

The Russians and the Chinese are on the opposite side of the rest of the countries that are worrying about Iran's atomic capabilities.  They are trying to water down the sanctions.  Unlike the rest of the world, Obama is not in a hurry.  Though the negotiations may turn out to be unproductive, our government will want to keep them going anyway until November is past.   That gives Iran at least 7 more months of uninterrupted work.
Of course it fits Iran's strategy as this could buy time while their machinery keeps on going.

Tehran says adamently that it will not close Fordo or give up higher uranium enrichment.  They are saying that these demands are irrational, as if their goal in keeping these objectives are sane.  Israel is watching Iran get closer and closer to creating nukes while others continue with peace talks.

With a response like Tehran just gave, sanctions should be tightened.  If nothing is done to deter Iran, Israel will be free to act as they see fit.  Their goal is to keep their people alive and their country free from harm.  It's no more than we expect from our own country.  Iran has used the past 4 years stalling the world while it has been progressing in their goal to attain atomic energy, even though they laughingly admit only to needing energy and research.   This has been Israel's major headache. 

The Mayans' calendar runs out on December 21st and many wonder what changes we will see in the heavens, as this culminates because of a lineup of heavenly planets and such.  I'm wondering what can happen before  Tuesday after the first Monday in November, November 6th, election day in the USA.  This is the Hebrew date of Chesvan 21.

 Israel has warned that they would have only one  window of opportunity in which they could try to destroy Iran's building sites of atomic weaponry.  Which will come first;  sanctions with teeth or Israel's bite?  They really don't want to go it alone.  Yet atomic power in the hands of madmen is a horrible thought.  There is nothing sane about what Iran has been threatening Israel with.  Will the world remain free from Iran's power by December 21?  By New Years? 


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