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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cistern Dating to King Solomon Uncovered

Nadene Goldfoot
King Solomon was King David's son and lived from 961 to 920 BCE (10th century BCE)  .  He was responsible for a cistern or water reservoir  which could hold 66,000 gallons of water built that was just uncovered in a dig near the Western Wall.  It was destroyed 400 years later and then became part of the 2nd temple's water cistern.  .

It was most likely used by pilgrims coming to the first temple (Temple Mount).

Jerusalem was built by King David.  He wasn't allowed to build the temple as he was a war-like king, but his son, Solomon was given that responsibility.

The main water supply in King Solomon's day was the Gihon Spring, but they also needed reservoirs like this one found as well.  One wonders what tools they had that could cut through rock, a skill needed to build such reservoirs.

It seems like every day that history is uncovered showing life of the Jewish people in Jerusalem in ancient days.

The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia

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