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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Netanyahu Needs a Meeting

Nadene Goldfoot
After being turned down by Obama  to meet with him, I figure that Netanyahu is feeling very irritated, and has made the strongest remarks possible with criticism of the Obama administration over the Iranian enrichment issue.  Israelis feel it is a clandestine Iranian plan to build nuclear weapons though Tehran keeps on denying this.  He feels Obama's type of response is just a signal to the Iranians that they could build atomic bombs with freedom from punishment.

Words are a funny thing.  People may understand and translate the English language, but depending on their culture, interpret words in different ways.  Take the example of what happened to cause riots in Cairo and Libya over words from one small-time pastor.  Not even in the translation but in the power of the words we find differences.  We sluff off his words while the people of those places took them to heart as an offense and rioted, killing 4 Americans.  .

US State Department spokeswoman, Victoria Nuland repeated Obama's commitment not to allow Iran to get nuclear weapons and said "it is not useful to be parsing it, to be setting deadlines one way or the other, red lines."  The whole problem rests on the fact that Israel will be hit first and needs to prevent it from happening in the first place but needs the USA as a partner.  The commitment sounds like a partnership, doesn't it?  They are not going to allow them to get nuclear weapons?  Israel needs some facts on their table. He needs facts but doesn't want to broadcast those facts, just know them, and he can't even get an appointment to talk about it let alone get any facts.

Netanyahu is not satisfied with the economic sanctions imposed on Iran and thinks they are ineffective in stopping the enrichment program.  Every day that goes by is another day they keep getting closer to creating nuclear bombs, Netanyahu fears.  He spoke before of a window of opportunity that could close very soon.  When it closes, we are all in mortal danger.

To feel secure, Netanyhu is a man who goes by detailed plans.  He has heard a lot of unfulfilled promises in his day.  It's a long haul by plane from Israel to New York.  I've done that trip.  It's exhausting.  Would it kill Obama to set aside time for Netanyahu and hash some of this out?  Isn't this a part of his job description?

Whatever happens, a least Netanyhu can feel that he has done his utmost to warn the world of the impending danger.  He's just trying to prevent the obliteration of his own little state by a leader or leaders that have continually threatened such extinction.  In that part of the world, people take leaders' words seriously.

Update: 12:00 noon:  I am going to take this a step farther.  Obama is not to like Netanyahu.  This comes from his comment once on an open mike that was heard by others and reported.  What is he doing to Netanyahu's constituency when he can't get an appointment with the President of the USA?  He's snubbing him and showing him disrespect.  Is Obama trying to get him out of office while he himself is drumming up votes for his next term?

Resource:  Oregonian Newspaper 9/12/12 page A3, Netnyahu criticizes US over iran stand

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