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Monday, September 17, 2012

Conundrum About giving Millions to Palestinians to Get American Security ?

Nadene Goldfoot
Hamas, which is the Islamic Resistance Movement of the Muslim Brotherhood, declared its intentions to eradicate Israel. Their 1988 charter speaks of replacing Israel with the Palestinians.  They have a military branch, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades.   The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in Egypt in 1928.  It encompasses religion, politics and social beliefs.  "The Brotherhood's credo was and is, "Allah is our objective; the Quran is our law, the Prophet is our leader; Jihad is our way; and death for the sake of Allah is the highest of our aspirations. Its most famous slogan, used worldwide, is "Islam is the solution." Their goal is to wipe out Israel.

The Muslim Brotherhood was active in Gaza since the 1950's and out of it came Hamas in 1987. Their Sheik Ahmed Yassin said in " 1987 that Hamas was founded  to liberate Palestine from Israeli occupation and to establish an Islamic state in the area that is now Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip." Abbas, the Palestinian authority chairman, seeks a unity government with Hamas and got it. They reject direct negotiations with Israel.  By doing this, they are being honest for a change.  They have no intentions to make peace and stop attacking.

Yet Obama claims that American support for Israel is unbreakable.  He has given the people who openly say they will eradicate Israel, who have been shelling Israel daily in some sort of mad Russian Roulette practice, $192 million per year.  Congress had imposed a ban on this "financial aid" but Obama lifted it under the excuse that it was important to the security interests of the USA.  Only he seems to know what that is.  To me this sounds naive or disingenuous.

Congress saw right away that they were giving the enemies of Israel who are out to destroy her the money to do it with.  Why is it that Obama sees it quite differently?  How does he expect Netanyahu to believe his support is unbreakable?

The Arabs who had been living in Palestine along with the Jews were led by politically-minded leaders who brained washed the whole lot of them into hating their neighbors, the Jews.  They promised them the homes of the Jews if they'd get out of the way so they could win a quick war and it didn't happen.  The people, as brain-washed as they were, followed orders and lived in camps instead of becoming relocated.  They still were being fed promises the leaders couldn't keep.  Now we have a people maddened by their leaders who have nothing on their minds but hatred for Jews, thus for Israel.  They've multiplied quickly in the camps and each baby is thought of as a future fighter against Israel.  Hatred has become their religion. It's too bad that they were presented with Democracy so soon because they were only in the mood to destroy Israel and chose the ones who they thought could do it the best and fastest.  Those who followed the history and developments in this area knew what was coming.

This didn't happen with Arabs who remained in their homes alongside the Jews during the times of attacks.  They have become citizens of Israel and number about 1.5 million.  They are in the Knesset and have a better life than their friends who were the greedy ones to start with, not minding a take over of their slaughtered neighbors.

Has the millions of American dollars being spent on weapons to use against Israel?  They seem to have a never-ending supply.  Israel has to keep borrowing money from USA to pay for their arsenal.  It's  a ridiculous vicious  circle.  It's not one made by Congress, that's for sure.  The  Arabs thought that Obama would side with them in the struggle over Israel and so this is his solution, perhaps?

This brings back memories of the 20's where mobsters demanded payoffs for security.  If businesses didn't pay up, they'd find their stores all busted up.

So the USA is supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt with $1.2 billion with our taxpayer money we had to borrow from China  in order to do this.  This didn't buy very good security and our flag was torn down while the Al Qaeda one was put up.  Now under lots of Washington pressure hundreds of protesters are being arrested in Egypt.

Next door in Libya, our embassy had no security at all.  The country has a new regime with President Mohamed el-Megarif, who feels it was al-Qaeda of Afghanistan who premeditated this attack.  Our Susan Rice of the UN goes along with Obama in that the whole thing came about from a video made about 6 months ago denigrating Mohammad, if you could follow the poor story line.  More facts show that Megarif is correct.    The American ambassador was killed along with 3 others and still no security visited.  Finally on the 3rd day, Obama got on the phone and there was action.  It took the phone call.  Libya has 6, 173,579 people of which 97% are Sunni Muslims which is their state religion.

Book:  From Time Immemorial by Joan Peters

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