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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

UN's Gang Up On Israel Day

Nadene Goldfoot
Whatever would the UN ever talk about if there wasn't an Israel?  They made their first meeting day a day to show their hatred, of course.  Israel reps walked out before it all happened, knowing what was coming with Ahmadinejad there.

He continued to deny the Holocaust from ever happening, this man who swears Iran was around 10,000 years ago.  He's so sharp in the matters of history.  Of course he questions the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York and swears they have absolutely no gays in Iran.

The UN did one smart thing, put him on to speak on Wednesday, which is Yom Kippur, when they knew that Jews would not be in attendance.  Instead, they would be in a synagogue on their most solemn day of the year.  The Human Rights group at the UN used the whole first day anyway attacking Israel.

They are so mad that Israel exists.  They still call the whole land "Palestine."  They throw out falsehoods of us "Occupying" Arab territories, having human rights violations and self determinaton of the Palestinian people.  Israel has done more to correct any of these terms than any other Arab nation has ever done for their people.  While they slaughter each other, it is Israel who takes the brunt of criticism, the nation that created fair play in the first place.

The Council is ridiculous.  They meet to implement the Goldstone Report when Goldstone has stated that he had been in possession of the incorrect information and has withdrawn his report. He has admitted that he was wrong.   The Council is acting illogically.  They continue to act on it anyway, because that's the answer they wanted to read.

Do they talk about anti-Semitism making the news in the world like what is going on in Malmo, Sweden?  Anti-Semitism started with the Romans when they tried to take Judah and Judah, later called Judea,  resisted quite well, giving them a hard time, and really has never stopped.  Do they talk about the treatment of women in Iran and how they are barred from universities?  Do they talk about how elections happen in Iran,  do they mention that dissidents have been raped, or how they have persecuted Bahai members and other minorities or that they hang gays?  Do they talk about how they torture people in their Tehran prison?  Has Syria been mentioned? Do they mention that Ahmadinejad has threatened Israel with atomic warfare by saying they will be eliminated, and wiped out?  Nobody has the guts to suggest that Ahmadinejad should be expelled and indicted and that Iran should lose their membership from the UN because so many are just like Iran and because they are afraid of them!

So, these people spend most of the time there on rebuking and kicking Israel.  Half of the council's country resolutions deal with Israel.  China and Pakistan are perfect in their eyes evidently.    Israel is the only member state that isn't allowed in a regional group at the council.  Israel is the only country that has a permanent investigator (big brother?) who is one-sided and presumes guilty for starters.  It's Richard Falk who promoted the 9/11 conspiracy theory and endorses Hamas, a terrorist group. that reminds me.  There  never has been a word out of this group condemning Hamas and their pals for constantly attacking Israel from Gaza for the past 12 years, has there!   Such an illuminated group of people here at the UN.


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