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Friday, September 7, 2012

Democrats Reinstate Jerusalem and G-d in Platform

Nadene Goldfoot
Hamas and the PLO (now Fatah) is having a tizzy over the fact that the Democratic Platform just reinserted the word "Jerusalem as Israel's capital "   in their platform after Obama intervened during the convention in Charlotte, North Carolina Wednesday.  Hamas is saying that declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is "stupid begging" for Jewish votes at the expense of Palestinian rights."

Talking about rights!  There were no rights when Jerusalem was in the hands of Jordan.  Jews couldn't live there. Jews and Christians couldn't visit sacred places to their religion.  Points of interest for Jews and Christians were treated with trash.   Jerusalem has been the center of the Jews and their culture since before King David 1000-960 BCE, and even though the Romans attacked in 70 CE and Jerusalem fell to them,  have always had a Jewish presence there.

This means that Jerusalem was the city created by Jews, for Jews, and had been in Jewish hands for almost 2,000 years before Islam was even created.  It was only since 1967 that Israel had access to Jerusalem once again since 1948 CE allowing all people to be there.  Now Jerusalem is again the capital of Israel.  For 19 long years Jews had been deprived access as well as Christians to their beloved Jerusalem.  Now Palestinians are talking about rights of access!  Heaven help us!

There has never been a country of Palestine.  It was simply renamed Palestine by the Romans.  The Arabs who now call themselves Palestinians are made up of a variety of late-comers, some of which may have been  people from various empires who have trampled through the land at various periods since then, or even late late comers looking for work with the Jews who came in from Russia and other places to rebuild the land.

Izzat al-Rishq said on his Facebook page that Jerusalem was and will be the eternal capital of Palestine.  Well, yes, Izzy, but then, when the land was called Palestine by Europe, Jews and Arabs were called Palestinians.  It was meant that Jerusalem was the Jews' eternal capital.  Arabs became Muslim in 600 -700CE and that had nothing to do with Jerusalem except for one incident of Muhammad, born in Mecca, Arabia (570-632 CE)  who might have been visiting there, who is said to have gone up to heaven on his horse.  Jerusalem is not a word mentioned in the Koran.

Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital on this platform must be a hook to reel in Jewish votes because it unfortunately doesn't affect the actual US policy towards Israel.  "The administration has long said that determining Jerusalem's status is an issue that should be decided in peace talks by Israelis and Palestinians."  It's not on the books. Obama simply intervened and told the writers to insert it.  The convention was loud in their voice vote with yeses and nos and boos, balancing each other out.  But Obama wanted it in so it was called a yes on the 3rd attempt, getting a lot of boos afterwards.

The platform stated that Jerusalem should remain an undivided city accessible to people of all faiths.  Remember, Democrats, this is a definite fact under Israel's rule. This was also on the platform 4 years ago.  So why was it taken out and then re-inserted?  All that had been in there to start with this time was "the nation's unshakable commitment to Israel's security."  It would be nice if this is a part of the USA's actual commitment in writing.

On "God," Obama had asked why it had been taken out in the first place.   Yes, the Democratic Party had changed lately to have taken it out of their platform.  It was inserted in "the most of their God-given potential" in referring to everyone willing to work hard.  

It seems to me that G-d and Jerusalem, which is definitely a city that Jews and Christians connect to G-d, are having a hard time with this group, who had to vote on it 3 times before passing,  in being taken seriously this year.  It's good that second thoughts, no matter what the reasons were, had brought these two words back into focus one again.

Reference: Oregonian newspaper, 9/7/2012, page A5, God, Israel references added to platform

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