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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Abbas Denies Jewish Presence and History in "Holy Land"

Nadene Goldfoot
When President Mahmoud Abbas delivered his speech to the United Nations General Assembly in which he only recognized Islam and Christianity as religions in the "Holy Land" .  He deleted Judaism from history. He knows perfectly well that in 135CE the Romans renamed the Jewish state of Judah as a Latin name of Palaestina, therefore called Palestine afterwards.  The Holy land was also called the "Promised Land," as   G-d was the one who designated that Jews were to  live there. 

Because of this, Director-General Irena Bokova asked that her aide get the Abbas speech that was showing a deligitimization of Israel and the entire Jewish people.  He is unwilling to fess up that Jews were in the area over 4 thousand years ago with Abraham as father of the Jewish people.   Has he also forgotten that Islam did not come on the scene till the 600's CE? Mohammed was born in 570 CE and died in 632 CE.   Judaism is almost 3,000 years older than Islam.  Mohammed copied many of the works of Judaism, and when he saw that he could not win over the Jews to follow him, developed a hostile attitude toward them and either killed them or had them expelled. 

Because of this outright lie, Rabbi Hier has proposed that UNESCO and the Wiesenthal Center co-sponsor an exhibit of the 3,500 year Jewish attachment to the Land of Israel to be launched at UNESCO's Paris headquarters.  They said that UNESCO is obligated to demand that the newest member, Palestine, to hold to the regulations of UNESCO in excising anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial from its school texts and newspapers.  As always, the Center will continue to monitor developments at UNESCO. 

Bokova has received thousands of petition protests from Simon Wiesenthal Center supporters around the world, and I was one of them.  Fatah and Hamas can't get away with this.  There are people in the world who do know the history of Jews in the Middle East.  For one thing, our history is well documented right in the Bible down to names and places.  You can fool some people some of the time but you can't fool all the people even some of the time. 

Abbas has also been pinpointing main tourist sites to be taken over by the Arabs that are precious to Jews and now in Israel's supervision since Palestine was accepted into UNESCO.  Under Israel's law and order, all religious dominations are welcome, but it will not be that way under the Arab authority.  They have already announced that there will be no Jews in their Palestine.  Also, right now they are raining missiles down on Israel, and this is not a friendly gesture by any means.  To me, the situation is slightly ridiculous. 

Resource: Simon Wiesenthal Center SWC Officials Meet With UNESCO Director-General
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