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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Premature UNESCO Vote in Palestine While They War Against Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
Children can't go to school today in Ashkelon and some of southern Israel's schools still lack bomb shelters, but that didn't stop the brain-dead UNESCO members from voting in Palestine, a state not yet created, from becoming a full-fledged member.  Now they are the 195th member of an already heavily populated Arab controlled group.  The vote was 107 for, 14 against with 52 abstentions. Some  voting against were The Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Romania and Lithuania. Bosnia was one who abstained.  They were among those knowing that this is wrong to do until the involved parties return to the negotiation table as requested by the UN Security Council.  . Netanyahu has asked repeatedly for Abbas to sit down and talk, but he has just snubbed the offer.  Hamas and Fatah figure this is a shortcut to getting into the UN, and they just won this round.  The United States and the other 13 countries feel that this is not right to allow 3rd parties or international groups  to make decisions to receive full membership without being a member of the UN already. 

Like Hitler said that he wouldn't invade Poland, Riad al-Malki, Foreign Minister of the "Palestinians"  praised the Paris meeting and said that this act will be the best step toward peace and stability and added that it wasn't linked to their request to join the United Nations at all.  How can he dare speak of peace when Hamas is raining missiles down on Israel and everyone at this meeting is fully aware of it?   The one good thing out of this is that the United States will not even pay this month's  22%  to their coffers and will no longer continue doing so.

The"Palestinians" now want UNESCO to recognize Hebron as a World Heritage Site which would take it out of Israel's hands.  Israel provides the protection for this holy site.  This includes the Tomb of the Patriarchs, a sacred place of much visiting of Jewish people. 

Hebron, called Kiriath-Arba in the Bible, is an ancient city of Judah, one of two ancient Jewish states.  It is 18 miles south of Jerusalem.  Abraham had boughtr a plot of land which had the Cave of Machpelah so that he could bury his wife, Sarah, there.  Today there is a Mosque on this site.  Joshua had assigned Hebron to Caleb and it became a levitical city and a city of refuge.  King David reigned there for 7 1/2 years before going to Jerusalem.  A Jewish community continued there and in 1890, there was a Jewish population of 1500 with yeshivot and religious schools.  In 1925 the great Lithuanian yeshival of Slobodka moved there.  However, 1929 was not only a bad year for the USA but there as well.  The Arabs had one giant pogrom and massacred many of the 700 Jews living there, scaring away survivors.  In 1931 30 Jewish families returned, but the Arabs kept slaughtering them.  After 1967 Jews returned, establishing the Kiryat Arba quarter east of the city.  In 1988 there were 3,700 Jews. 

There is no valid reason for changing the status of Hebron, except for the Palestinians to take something most dear away from the Jews.  Under Israel's  watchful eye, no one is kept from visiting the tomb unless they are carrying bombs.  They haven't been able to scare away Jews with their missiles, so this is just another way to stab them in the heart. 

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