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Monday, November 28, 2011

Buy During Israel Week and After-Hadassah Chanukah Fair December 11th

Nadene Goldfoot
Buy Israel week from November 28th to December 4th is countering the efforts of BDS people who sponsor Boycott Israel, which comes on the heels of Black Friday.  There are many in the BDS movement who think they can control or bring down Israel by not buying any products from there. 

"There are those who work to undermine Israel’s right to exist. One of the ways they do it is by boycotting Israeli products. You counteract this movement when you buy Israel, and urge others to do the same. Not everyone can shape decisions made at the United Nations or on Capitol Hill, but anyone can make a conscious decision to support the only democratic nation in the Middle East, Israel, when shopping." 

The BDS movement against Israel (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions)  are efforts to delegitimize Israel worldwide.  The Palestinians have put much effort into gaining United Nations membership for the very reason to enable them to delegitimize Israel.  Israel was created in May 1948 legitimately through the UN. They  shouldn't have to defend their right to exist anymore than Portland, Oregon does.  Unfortunately, some of our American church groups have stepped in as leaders of this poisonous movement, which I think is very anti-semitic of them even more than being anti-democratic.  . 

I'm troubled by these people who want to punish the citizens of Israel.  They are propagandists and anti-semites fighting Israel with this  movement.  We can  counter  it by buying Israel.

We need to buy Israeli products at any time we  can.  Hadassah's Fair at Neveh Shalom is on the 11th of December and is featuring an Israeli  Wine Tasting of 7 delicious wines.  Be sure to stop by at the table of Portland-Ashkelon from 11am on that day and see which ones you enjoy.  Hanukah starts on the 20th of December, so this is a chance to buy all Israeli presents.  A major part of Hadassah's profits go to the Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. 

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