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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Security Council Members Not Reacting to Attacking Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
The Security Council of the U.N. has not raised any complaint about the Hamas terrorists attacking southern Israel.  Israel has gone through a week of shelling from 39 terrorist missiles and not one remark was heard from this auspicious group who receive money in order to see to security for their members.

The council has five permanent members who are: China, the Russian Federation, France, United Kingdom and USA.  They have 15 non permanent members as well.  The first I will list are countries whose term is up this year.  They are: Lebanon, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Gabon (in West Central Africa) and Nigeria. 
With terms up in 2012 are Germany, India, Columbia, Portugal and South Africa. 

Abbas had gone to the UN for the September 28, 2011 meeting to be accepted into the U.N. This was the UN's 6,624th meeting.   The Palestinians had 8 votes but needed 9 for the passage of a resolution to accept them into the U.N.  It's thought that Britain, Columbia and France would abstain, but known that the USA would veto it.  The USA pointed out that they were not peace loving.  What is shocking to me is that the others said that they fullfilled the requirement for peace.   How can they be so blind?  Everyone should have seen that they are not peace loving and would not come to the table to even talk about peace with Israel. Instead they have chosen to bombard Israel with missile attacks.   It was thought that Bosnia, being Muslim, would vote for them but there was discussion of not giving them the vote.  The results will be known as to how they voted by tomorrow.  This is some Security Council.  They are only seeking security for themselves. 

Bosnia was involved in war from 1992 to 1995.  Being Muslim they were fighting Catholics.  It was a war between the Serbs and the Croatians when Yugoslavia broke up.  Both were reported to be committing  autrocities.

France has promised to help the Palestinians to receive a non-member status like the Vatican. 


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