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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Palestinian Anti-Semites Seeking Alternate UN Membership

Nadene Goldfoot
The Arabs living in Gaza and Judea-Samaria put on a repugnant TV program called "Sights of Jerusalem."  In it last week they showed Jews praying at the Western wall as sin and filth and that the Arabs plan to build an Arab residential area in place of the Western Wall Plaza in Jerusalem as soon as the Israelis disappear.  They had high hopes carrying this off as they are now members of UNESCO and are busy trying to obliterate anything smacking of Judaism in Israel. 

Rain fell in Jerusalem, they said recently on the scheduled program, to wash away the impurity of the footsteps of Jews on behalf of Muslims who come to pray in Jerusalem.  Their anti semitism is so obvious that it reeks.  They even teach that Haifa is a Palestinian Port, which of course it isn't.  I lived there for 10 months from 1980-1981 attending an educator's Ulpan and it definitely was in Israel's hands and still is. It is just amazing to me that their people could fall into believing such lies.

All these lies and conceit probably have not reached Washington's ears.  However, Obama has been able to dispel support for the Arabs' admission of a Palestine in the U.N. at this time, so that Abbas and Co. are already lobbying foreign governments in Western Europe for that type of admission.  They are campaigning in the General Assembly, topheavy with developing countries that would be siding with the Palestinians, but finding the way difficult because of the opposition by the U.S. who has promised to veto their acceptance.   Abbas has been trying to get the 9 votes they need in the 15 member Security Council for approval for membership. 

The "Palestinians" have such evil intentions;  bombing civilians in southern Israel, trying to carry out their schemes already of taking over important sites in Israel's hands to prevent Jews from visiting them through UNESCO, and attempting to erase Israel's presence in the land as well as refusing to recognize Israel at all, that I just can't see how anyone in the free world can abide such behavior.   The over one million Arab citizens of Israel have more freedom than they would ever find in a Muslim country. 

There are many groups of people who want and deserve their own state far more than the Palestinians in my opinion.  The Kurds, whose dna show that they are connected to the Jews more than any other group, have suffered and want a state.  I'd be willing to trade the Palestinians for the Kurds any day.  How about the Basques of Spain?  I knew a lot of Basques living in Ontario, Oregon and they are wonderful people.  Jews have been waiting the longest  to regain their state of any group for almost 2,000 years (.70 CE-1948)  

The Palestinians are losing out in a lot of easy money that was coming in from the USA by pushing for Observer Status now through the U.N. such as the Vatican has.  They most likely will get a majority vote for that.  Why are they doing this?  They plan to have leverage this way in order to force Israel to give in to their demands, especially to freeze building in Judea and Samaria, which they want for themselves and will make it Arab territory only, just like Saudi Arabia.  No Jews will be allowed to live in any part of a Palestine.  According to past history, they will not become a state quickly after gaining Observer status, at least that hasn't happened to any state in the past.  The "Palestinian" Arabs have been displaying the morality of Nazis in how they speak about Jews and in their missile attacks on Israeli citizens.  They don't deserve a state of their own.  What have they ever done to be worthy of one? 

Reference: from Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik
Oregonian Newspaper page 11/10/11 page A4 Palestinians won't seek full membership

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