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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

SarKozy and Obama's Crass Anti-Netanyahu Mike Blunder

Nadene Goldfoot
I wrote in July of this year about France's growing anti-semitism.  It looks like their French President, Nicholus Sarkozy is one that feels this way when he made a crass blunder in speaking with Obama in front of a still viable turned-on mike when he said that Netanyahu was a liar.  Obama replied that You are sick of him but I have to work with him every day!  This occurred last week in southern France at a meeting of the G 20 Summit Conference. 

Netanyahu's comment was that everyone talks about everyone.  My comment is that I'm not surprised at all that these two leaders would speak about Netanyahu  in such a way considering who they are and what Netanyahu stands for; a country trying to stay alive that is the only Jewish country in the world.  Netanyahu said that both are still on Israel's side and that's what's important.  However, France did vote in Palestine for the UNESCO membership.  Sarkozy had been trying to get Netanyahu to fire his Foreign Minister,  Lieberman. 

Everyone may be talking about everyone, and in an unfavorable light, but that is called Loshen Hora, someething that is frowned upon in Judaism.  I can see why, now.  It's the stuff that can start wars, or at the least, fist fights.  You'd think these two men would have checked the mike in front of them first-but so anxious to add explatives about Netanyahu, just didn't.  So, Sarkozy, calling Netanyahu a liar is worth being sued for here in the USA.  It's called defamation of character.  And yes, Netanyahu did win a round explaining right on live TV to Obama why Israel couldn't be moved back to 67 lines and why it was so dangerous for them, leaving Obama in quite a silent tiff.  I guess he quavers when he has to get on the phone with him.  Nathanyahu's pleas are things that Obama just never has known about, I guess. 

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