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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Morsi Plans to take Jerusalem Now

Nadene Goldfoot
Now that the Muslim Brotherhood's contender, Morsi, won the Presidential election in Egypt, a cleric, Satwat Higazi, who was the campaign manager for Morsi, had announced that Jerusalem would become their capital.  Like so many campaign promises, that's not going to happen.  That gives us an idea as to how much of the peace plan they intend to keep, doesn't it?  The question will be now how much money will the United States keep giving them?

Mohammed Morsi won by 51.7% of the votes beating out Shafik.  This was the 1st election that Egypt has had since Mubarak.  There were rumors that Morsi's side was stuffing the ballot box.  Perhaps that's why they went into overtime to count the ballots.  .

I am reminded of " The LORD will give strength unto his people; the LORD will bless his people with peace" from Psalms 29:11.  We certainly will need that strength now in striving for peace.  Our neighbors are certainly not of that mind-set.  Morsi has already called for a review of the peace treaty with Israel.  The military says they will decide just what he can do to the government.  He is not from the military which other leaders have been.  Morsi promises to be a moderate but modern leader with an Islamist agenda who will have a transparent government.  He promises to have an Egyptian renaissance with an Islamic foundation.  This man is intent on having Sharia law in the country for sure.  Sharia law does not favor Israel in any way.  

The United States congratulated their milestone victory.  Morsi did go from being involved in an outlawed group calling for terrorism if you look at the doctrine of the Muslim Brotherhood which  was not allowed during Mubarak's time or Sadat's.  Morsi went from being a prisoner to a president in very few steps, swept in with the Arab Spring. 

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