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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Why Hamas-Fatah Don't Want Their Own State

Nadene Goldfoot
It's quite obvious why the Arab Palestinians haven't established their own state for the past 64 years.  They were given the same opportunity that Israel had at the very same time by the United Nations,  only refused it because they had empirical  goals.  Their goal was to have all the land and they would not allow Jews to have an island in their midst.  They were conditioned to the "Ottoman Empire" thinking. So for those leaders, they wanted it all and would only settle for all or nothing, which meant fighting for it all. A few Arabs would have had to live under a Jewish government in the way it was divided.  That wouldn't have been so bad considering that today 1.4 million Arabs are citizens of Israel living a much better life than any other Muslims in any other Muslim majority countries.

Nearly 80% of what had been promised to the Jews for a Jewish National Home was severed by the British in 1922 and turned into what became Transjordan with Jewish settlement there barred.  The UN divided the remaining 20% of Palestine into the 2 states; one for Jews and one for the Arabs.  This means that Arabs got 80% of the territory of the Mandate as it was while Israel held a bare 17.5%.  Gaza was still being occupied by Egypt.  What Israel wound up with was a small sliver of their own pie. Jordan then annexed East Jerusalem and the West Bank in 1950 but lost it again to Israel in the 1967 War against Israel.  It was land promised to be part of  the Jewish Homeland in the original deal!  Jordan's eyes were bigger than their ability to wipe out Israel, even with all their Muslim neighbors.    

At the time of the 1947 partition resolution, the Arabs did not have the majority population in the area allotted to the Jews or in Jerusalem.  They were even offered a bigger share of land and had the population there already.

The British restricted the Jewish immigration while Arabs were free to come into the land which they did, taking advantage of the rapid development stimulated by the Zionists in creating towns to live in.  They came in by the thousands.

Prior to the British Mandate in 1922, the Palestine Arab population had been declining.  Afterwards, Arabs began to come there from all the surrounding countries.  The Arab population grew along with the Jewish settlers who improved the quality of health conditions in Palestine.

Partitioning Palestine was based on the irreconcilable territorial claims of Jews and Arabs so a compromise had to be taken to create two states.  1947 was when the Arab members of the United Nations supported the partition of the India and the creation of the new state, predominantly Muslin, of Pakistan. That came about because Muslims and Hindus were attacking each other in India all the time.   This way they moved the Muslims out into their own space.   Palestine was a different matter in allowing a Jewish state of Israel within their Muslim midst.  Hindus have given up a piece of their land for the Muslims in order to have peace..

Fatah and Hamas have never considered their people in their decision not to accept the many times offered chance to create their own state, but are led by the Muslim Brotherhood goals of creating an empire again.  All they have had to do is to recognize Israel as their neighbor with rights of being Jewish.  Then they would have to tell their people to stop hating and shooting at this only Jewish state in the world and that the plan on the table is for peace instead of driving the Israelis into the sea.

It's time to realize that after 64 years, the Arabs are not up to creating their own state at all. The attack on Israel has not been stopping.  There is no reason to think that Judea and Samaria (West Bank) will be a Palestine State with the goals they presently hold.  When they discard the Muslim Brotherhood, that will tell us that they want to live in the present instead of their 15th century empire of the past.  The 3 generations of Arabs living in Gaza and Judea and Samaria need to have their own type of Arab Spring and throw out these Muslim Brotherhood terrorists of Hamas, and even of Fatah since they've turned toward the Hamas line and start from scratch.

Resource:  Myths and Facts-a concise record of the Arab-Israeli conflict by Mitchell G Bard and JOel Himelfarb page 34- 35.

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Nadene Goldfoot said...

The reason they don't want their own state is that all their
> plutocratic power and corruption might be subject to accountability by
> the world and their own citizens. They might be expected to act like a
> government instead of the world's parasites in accepting the most aid
> of any other peoples.