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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Senior Hamas Official, Kamal Ranaja, Assassinated

Nadene Goldfoot
A Hamas senior official, Kamal Ranaja, alias Nizaar Abu Mujhad,  was assassinated in Damascus, Syria in his apartment.  Of course Mossad (National Intelligence Agency of Israel) is being suspected.  Kamal is thought to be one of the deputies of the late Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, military commander,  who was killed in 2010.  

The funeral is to be held  on Thursday.  Hamas officials are meeting in Jordan.

According to a Syrian opposition activist, a former journalist,  President Bashar al-Assad had him tortured before having him killed because Hamas turned their back on Assad following the violent crackdown on the Syrian opposition.  

With all the violence going on in Syria with the army killing the civilians, this is far more likely.  I doubt if even Mossad  would want to "mix in" right now in this tumult.  It's too dangerous there even for the U.N. monitors.  

Right now the White House is urging Assad to leave while Russia has interests there and  wants others to stay out of the fight.  So now we see that Hamas has been directed by a Syrian Palestinian living in an apartment there.  Mabhouh, his boss in 2010 was responsible to getting arms from Iran to Syria and onto Gaza.  He probably had taken over the responsibility.  


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