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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Re-Creating the Caliphate: Muslim Brotherhood's Secret Plans to Bring Islam Into Egypt

Nadene Goldfoot
The Jazira Plan, a plan to Islamize Egypt, was given the nod by Mohammed Badi,  head leader of the Muslim Brotherhood last week.   They have a few changes to administer:  Jazira means island or peninsula, referring to the Arabian Peninsula.  It's not just a plan for Egypt but a regional plan.  They are thinking of recreating the Caliphate in the past.  In February one of the leaders said tht they hope to achieve reinstating the Caliphate, that this is their dream.  The first goal is the renaissance of Egypt, then the Arab world and then the Islamic world, all to come gradually.  Safwaf Hegazy spoke in a rally during the campaign and said that they are seeing the dream of the Islamic Caliphate coming true at the hands of Mohammed Morsi, and that the capital will be Jerusalem.

1. Replace the national anthem with the anthem of the Islamic Caliphate.
2. Police uniforms will be swapped for "Islamic garb."
3. The Ministry of Information will be disbanded and replaced by an office that will "Publish Islamic heritage only", and regulate culture.
4. Students will be required to memorize Quranic verses to advance in school.

The name of their plan is interesting as the TV program run by the Brotherhood from Qatar is called "Al Jazeera."   Recent polling indicates that in the West Bank and Gaza, Al Jazeera is the primary news source for an astounding 53.4 percent of Palestinian viewers.  It most likely plays a huge part in agitating the people against Israel.

The Muslim Brotherhood has  won in Egypt.  They won in Tunisia in 2011 when President Ben Ali was overthrown and the Islamist party won.  A Hamas official spoke at the event with praise.  The Brotherhood is expected to win in Libya next month.  Yemen's most powerful party is Isiah and is a Brotherhood affiliate.  Sudan says it is putting in Sharia law but still might have an Islamist revolution.  Syria might be overthrown by Brotherhood-supported rebels.  Turkey has fallen to Islamist leadership.  Qatar's Emir's good friend is Sheikh Yousef al-Qaradawi , head of the Muslim Brotherhood 's beliefs and is subsidizing their rise.  Saudi Arabia has always been a theocracy of Islam.  

The first thing they will do is institute Sharia law in Egypt.  It will come gradually.  Qaradawi explains that his democracy is different from the western version.  That it is, but right now just having their first election for president is not bringing about immediate power.  The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces still holds the most power in Egypt.  A constitution has to be written.  Only time will tell what will be the fate of Egypt.


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