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Friday, June 29, 2012

Osama bin Laden is Dead, But Al Qaeda Attacks Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
Al Qaeda, the terrorist group of Osama bin Laden, is alive and well, flourishing in Syria and Egypt's Sinai Peninsula.  Born from its parent, the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda is percolating right along, and was the group that attacked the Israeli fence builders along the Sinai border with Egypt.  "The MB is a movement, not a political party," they say, "but members have created political parties in several countries, such as the Islamic Action Front in Jordan and Hamas in Gaza and the West Bank and the newly created Freedom and Justice Party in Egypt, headed by Morsi.".  These are arms of the MB that take on the responsibility of carrying out their goals with jihad.  For instance Hamas may be a political party, but they are also terrorists attacking Israel constantly.   

It was the 19 terrorists who hijacked 4 planes on 9/11 that were Al Qaeda members, and we found out in 2004 about Osama bin Laden being the leader of the attack.

Many of  Al Qaeda  terrorists seen attacking  Israel this month are from Libya.  In fact, Hamas tried to get them to stop, and they immediately fired 5 Grad missiles towards Ashkelon instead.  Luckily, Israel's Iron Dome stopped them.

Al Qaeda is found in Egypt, Libya and Syria.  Ayman al Zawahiri, b: 1951 in Egypt and a physician  is the present leader.  He took over from bin Laden on May 2, 2011. "On the same day, al-Qaeda renewed its position that Israel was an illegitimate state and that it wouldn't accept any compromise on Palestine"  An uprise of terrorism has been going on since the first of June.  It's so bad that Cairo's military has sent out their 999 Unit to try to counter the jihadis.  They've been active along the northern border with Syria as well.  It appears to me that Al Qaeda could be a force  fighting against the Egyptian militia causing some sort of civil war as they are extreme Islamists.  

We see that the Muslim Brotherhood has spawned not only Hamas but Al Qaeda as well, both terrorist organization, all bent on attacking Israel, the only non-Muslim state in its way.  Too bad that the MB is not broad-minded in their philosophy and cannot tolerate either Jews or Christians around.  It's hard to understand such a viewpoint except to see it as extremely dangerous, ego-centered and ready to stamp out everything  in its way through subterfuge and violence.  

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