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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Anti-Israel Jew: UN's Richard Anderson Falk

Nadene Goldfoot
The UN Human Rights Council's Richard Anderson Falk, American Jew, is now accusing the Jewish Community of being "responsible for  the massive and enduring confiscation of Palestinian land and rights."

First, I am surprised that he is Jewish and calls himself an American Jew because as a Jew, he should know more about the history of Palestine and of Israel.  It's as if he were raised in Gaza. "Falk described his family background as "assimilationist Jewish with a virtual denial of even the ethnic side of Jewishness". This must mean that perhaps his grandparents were Jewish but his parents have not practiced Judaism or observed holidays and  haven't even eaten bagels and he cares nothing about the religion and has not cared to learn about its history.  His father seems to have been  Edwin A Falk, a lawyer in private practice in Poundridge, Westchester, New York.  His mother, Helene, was a publicity agent and was born in Japan.  He grew up with an older sister, Joan.  

 He joins the rarified community of Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein.  We, strangely as it seems, do have a few Jews who have taken the opposite viewpoint and support the Palestinians no matter what while castigating the whole Jewish community.  As he says in his own blog, "I was drawn to the Palestinian struggle as a result of friendship with prominent Palestinian exiles while still a student."  I say that his knowledge stopped with that connection.

This man, born in 1930, is a Princeton graduate and professor.  He has committed the outlandish act of posting an anti-Semitic cartoon that was condemned last year by David Cameron, British Prime Minister on his  blog. The cartoon depicted a dog with a Jewish head-covering  and a sweater with the letters "USA" urinating on Lady Justice while devouring bloody human bones. By doing so, he effectively provided an international warrant for terrorism.  He used language and logic used by terrorists of Jewish community centers, synagogues and schools throughout the world. It was then copied onto the Palestine Chronicle and other websites.  Racist remarks against Jews, Judaism and even the US government is unacceptable, and by an American Jew is disgusting. 

Since then he has copped a plea of ignorance for what he had done and posted on his blog.  Are we supposed to accept this idea that he has no idea of what amounts to anti-Semitism?  Give me a break!  The very worst type of anti-Semitism comes from Jews themselves.

Hillel Neuer of UN Watch has written to Obama and other world leaders condemning Falk's diatribe in that he is not upholding standards required by the UN.   Falk is the UNHRC's Special Rapporteur for the permanent investigation of "Israel's violations of bases and principles of international law."  He has published racist remarks against Jews and Judaism.  He must see himself in a special class of one unique person.  He certainly doesn't agree with several other Jewish international law experts.  I note that Israel  expelled  Falk in 2008, and according to the video posted below, Falk didn't seem to have the understanding I do as to why.

Resource: UN Watch  UN's Richard Falk accuses "organized Jewish community" of crimes against Palestinians" UN Watch urges President Obama to take action. Falk's blog

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