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Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Jew Caught Fighting Back in Judea

Nadene Goldfoot
In Judea, a single Jew  was caught on video fighting back against the violence from the Arabs.  The United Nations Human Rights happened to get a hold of this video from Ramallah showing a Jewish man kneeling to fire his pistol at dozens of rock-throwing Arabs.  The man could have had rubber bullets or real ones, for that matter, but this is the first time a religious Jew has been pictured fighting against the aggression from the Fatah-Palestinian Arabs.  They know they can't rely on the army being there at all times so have taken to protecting themselves.  However, how can one stop rock throwers other than to scare them off with a pistol?

A teeny article made it into  the Oregonian newspaper this morning in the inside World section.  They reported that attacks by Jews against Palestinian Arabs has risen by about 150% each year since 2008.  There have been 154 attacks this year, they said. 

 What they neglected to say in this article is that over 300 missiles, mortars and rockets have hit the southern Israel population from Gaza's Arab terrorists so far this year affecting over one million Israelis.  They neglected also to say anything about how Fatah (Arafat's old terrorist group)  has teemed up with Hamas terrorists who took over the head terrorist position of Gaza,  so that the Arabs in Judea-Samaria have also been terrorizing Jews in order for the Jews to have to the need to be fighting back.  Judea-Samaria's Jewish population is  orthodox.  These religious people aren't out to cause problems, but some are not going to take them without resisting, either.

Matthias Behnke is the Head of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in '"Palestine" headquartered in Ramallah. (Note: Palestine is not a  state, yet it seems to be considered as such by the reference from the PA)  He is the one who reported this situation of Jews defending themselves against Arab marauders with rocks. 

 The Human Rights Council includes Qatar, who themselves are breaking human rights towards their workers who are not citizens and who are much against Israel.  Their head religious personage is Qaradawi, who spews out religious hatred of his Muslim Brotherhood beliefs against Israel and Jews all over the world.  He's the one who riled up the Egyptians to vote for the Muslim Brotherhood in personal visits to Egypt before their latest election.  

 Ramallah, where the report came from, is only 6 miles north of Jerusalem and is the capital of the Palestine Authority.  This is Yasser Arafat's old headquarters.  They will now use this fact of Jews fighting against Arabs in Judea as one more human rights breakage of the Israelis without mentioning the years they have been attacked.  Behnke called this criminal behavior.  I imagine he has remained mum on the attacks on the southern Israel population from his friends.  The UN Human Rights Council manages to find more complaints against Israel than any other country.  I doubt if they are even aware of any other country, only the so called Palestinian Arabs.  Syria is killing off thousands of their own people in the past 16 months, causing even their own ambassador to Iraq, Nawaf Fares,  to defect, as announced today.  Yet the UN Human Rights continues to harp on Israel's misgivings.   They wouldn't dare to find fault with one of their own Arab countries. This Human Rights Council will have Syria on it in 2014 because it is their turn to be on it.  

He connects the fact that Jews have come into Judea and Samaria and have settled there in the past 45 years and how "terrible" that is to him, but why not when the Arabs themselves refuse to come to a peace settlement needed first with Israel in order to create their own state of Palestine.  The longer they have refused to do this, the more settlers  have come into the land.  

Since this video was made known by Behnke in Ramallah, the paper also noted that it's only been a few days since Israel announced that their courts have also concluded with several other international lawyers that Israel is not occupying the "West Bank", original names being Judah and Samaria.  The fact remains that Jordan had no legal claim to the land.  They had just taken it at the start of the 1948 War.  Therefore the legal term of Israel "occupying" after the 1967 Six Day War is null and void.  It is incorrect.  So they have concluded that their villages, towns and cities are legal.  Israel won that 1967 war and they have the right to live in their ancient homeland.  Besides that, Judea and Samaria, lands West of the Jordan River, are to have belonged to the Jewish Homeland in the first place as decreed in the Balfour Declaration. 

So, to sum this report up, I'd say that:   good for the Jewish population to have stood up for themselves in Palestinian attacks.  You have scared the breeches off of a Human Rights Palestinian for doing so. The thought of Jews fighting back without the army doing it must be a new reality for the Arabs.   I'd also say that rocks and bullets are not equal, but neither were arrows and bullets back in the old American West, either.  We have come a long way in human rights thinking since then, so maybe there is some better way of doing this to get the Arabs to leave you alone.  

The PA must accept responsibility for this because they teach their people in their schools to hate Jews and that they are not even human.  They are going to have to start re-brain washing them if they want to live in peace in Judea.  Jews have tried their utmost to have peace with them and have been batting their heads against a steel door in doing so.  All the Arab programs on Al-Jazeera, outside gatherings and parent control all center on  hatred for Jews.  There's no way the Jews can fight this attitude after 45 years of trying unless the Arabs are interested in changing.  

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