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Friday, July 6, 2012

U.N.'s Unrelenting Search for Israeli Human Rights Violations

Nadene Goldfoot
The UN Human Rights Council is always inquiring  about Israeli violations they can be then accused of.  No other country is as distinguished as Israel in this way.  For instance, is anyone taking a tally of violations that Syria has committed lately?

To show that the council is so committed to Human Rights, a council ready to accept Syria on its board in 2014 along with Pakistan, they have named 3 women jurists to do the inquiry. They were appointed by President Laura Dupuy Lasserre.

1. Christine Chanet of France: Lawyer and Judge, special degree in criminology, once head of this group.  She recently accused Israel of "total discrimination," and stated that "it is very difficult to have a real dialogue (with Israel)."  Of course, her comments do not reflect the unprejudiced attitude  needed for these fact-finders.  France, with population of 64,895,000 has had innumerable anti-Semitic attacks on Jews lately and its Muslim population has grown.  Islam is practiced by 5%-10% of their population and is 2nd popular in the country with Roman Catholicism first. Muslim population includes Algerians, Moroccans, Tunisians, Turkey, other parts of Africa, Middle Easterners, and converts to Islam.  France has the 2nd largest Jewish diaspora in the world of 500,000.  One-fourth are ready to leave with 13/5 being very serious about it as there is so much anti-Semitism that is not being addressed.

2. Unity Dow of Botswana:  Lawyer, writer, former judge of highest court in Botswana, concerned about HIV/Aids, child protection, violence to women, rights of Bushmen, Columbia law school professor, human rights activist.  Of the 3 women, I feel she will be very fair and do a far better job than Goldstone did, for sure.  Botswana is a small, drought stricken impoverished country in South Africa of 2 million people.  70% are Christians, 5,000 Muslims, 3,000 Hindus, 700 Baha's, 20% have no religion.

3. Asma Jahangir of Pakistan:  Lawyer, Her sister is Hina Jilani who served on the UN's Goldstone commission in 2009.  They were told not to commit the same errors of the Goldstone Report.  Judge Goldstone had made all sorts of errors in his reporting and confessed later, after the damage was already done by the report.  Pakistan, a country of 172,800,000+ of which 97% are Sunni/Shi'a is a country created out of India.    Called "little heroine, she said, "We cannot remain shackled while other women progress."  I see her as a progressive Muslim.  

UN Watch

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