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Monday, July 30, 2012

Assad Blames Israel For His Problems

Nadene Goldfoot
Syrian foreign minister Walid al-Moallem commented in a visit to Iran that "Israel is the mastermind of all in this crisis."  Iran is backing Assad's  Syrian regime against the Free Syrian Army so would love to blame Israel as well.  Whatever bad happens around the globe, they all blame Israel.

I'm sure that Israel would not be helping the Syrians, whatever side here.  Both have been terrible towards Jews and Israel.  Shoshana, Jewish,  escaped from Syria in 1974 at the age of about 25.  She had left her family there and felt so guilty about it because she remembers "the fright in the eyes of the younger children in her family, expecting some support from her.  They wanted to know why people shouted at them, "Jews, Jews!" and why they were different from the others.  The fear was that any time of day or night the security people might knock at the door and take either their father or one of the elder brothers--and they really didn't know what was happening.  The family lived in constant fear.  Teachers treated Jews differently.  They had to live in a ghetto, but this ghetto didn't have just Jews.  It included Palestinians and other Arabs who beat Jews.

Shoshana said she couldn't beat them back because they would then bring their whole family to fight.  The Arabs lived differently.  Shoshana was put in prison because she participated in a demonstration, which was illegal for all Syrians. First, 3 sisters, members of her family, and a girlfriend were murdered because they had tried to cross the border.  They couldn't bear life in Syria any longer and had tried to cross without a boy escorting them.  The girls were killed in a cave and burned.  There was a special office that "takes care of the Jews", called the "Palestinian Bureau," and they had a free hand where Jews were concerned.  The bodies of the girls, burned beyond recognition, were brought back in sacks and thrown on the doorsteps of their families' homes.

A report from 60 Minutes with Mike Wallace in the USA did not get the story right according to Shoshana.  Jews may have given good remarks verbally about Syria on the program but had no choice because the security people were there.  They had to say they lived well, so the "happy" families have since tried to escape.  "It's only when the Syrians are free can they tell the truth about their lives in Syria.".

Right now the Jihadists are taking over from the Free Syrian Army being they are being assisted with funding.  There are more religious chants than secular ones being heard.

They claim to new men joining them that "those whose intentions are not for God, they had better stay home, whereas if your intention is for God, then you go for jihad and you gain an afterlife and heaven".  Israel will not be backing people who are into jihad.  Religious donors come from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and possibly Turkey, countries the USA has also aligned with in this fight.

The Syria situation is not only an Arab Spring against Assad's immovable hand but is also religious within Islam.  The ruling house of Assad are minorities, the Alawites, which dominate Syria but are viewed by many orthodox Muslims as a heretical offshoot of Islam.  The trend right now is a more Salafi, jihadi group taking over the rebellion.  Isn't this what happened in Egypt?  These jihadists consider the entire world the Muslim homeland, so they are refusing any national, Syrian name for their fighters in Syria.

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