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Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Nadene Goldfoot
This is a partial  chronology of persecution, massacres and expulsion of the Jewish experience.  One would think we would have given up the resolve of continuing our Judaism, but we can not. It is the impetus to rebuild our state once again, though, after 2,000 years of waiting and praying: "NEXT YEAR IN JERUSALEM".

70 CE  Fall of Jerusalem-many Jews taken as slaves
115 CE Expulsion of the Jews from Cyprus
135 CE Bar Kokhba's Rebellion, lost hope to regain Judah

640, 721, 873 Jews in Byzantine Empire forcibly converted to Christianity
1096 German Crusade massacres Jews in European towns
1099 Jerusalem Jews massacred by the Crusaders
1146-1391 Jews of Spain forcibly converted to Christianity
1290 Expulsion of Jews from England
1306 Expulsion of Jews from France
1355 12,000 Jews massacred in Toledo, Spain by mob
1349-1360 Jews expelled from Hungary
1420 Jewish community of Toulouse, France all killed
1421 Expulsion of Jews from Hungary
1492 Expulsion of 180,000 Jews from Spain
1492, 50,000 Jews converted to Christianity remain in Spain (Morranos)
1495 Jews expelled from Lithuania
1497 Expulsion of Jews from Portugal, Sicily and Sardinia
1502 All Jews of Rhodes forcibly converted, expelled or taken into slavery
1541 Jews expelled from Kingdom of Naples (Italy)
1648-1656, 100,000 Jews murdered in Chmielnicki massacres in  Poland
1727, 1747 Jews expelled from Russia
1838  Entire Jewish community of Meshed, Persia forcibly converted to Islam
1871-1921 Anti-Semitic pogroms in towns of Russia
1882-1890, 750,000 Jews in Russia forced to re-settle in Pale of Settlement
1891 Jews expelled from Moscow and St. Petersburg
1917 to present: Jews in Soviet Union denied right of national identity
1939-1945 The Holocaust murder of 6 million Jews by German Nazis and European collaborators
1941 Anti-Semitic pogrom in Jewish community in Baghdad, 180 killed
1948-1967: Persecution of Jewish communities in Arab countries, mass expulsions

Resource: Facts About Israel, Division of Information, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, 1973, page 32

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