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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Aly Raisman, Jewish American Gymnast

Nadene Goldfoot
Aly Raisman , 18 year old beautiful Jewish gymnast at the Olympics in London, is the American's team captain in gymnastics.  She's a 2 times gold medalist and just got the bronze medal on the balance beam. She received a gold on her floor routine, which she did to Hava Nagila.  The 40th anniversary of the Israeli massacre meant something to her, she commented.

The Olympic Committee President, Roggue, refused to have a minute of silence in deference to the massacre of Israeli Jewish athletes, but Aly and other Jewish participants have found ways of showing their individual respect.   French and Italian participants have shown respect in their ways as well.  107,000 signatures on a petition for silence including Obama did not move Roggue.

Aly was born and raised in Needham, Massachusetts.  Her mother, Lynn Raisman nee Faber was a high school gymnast, so started Aly in gymnastics at the age of 2.  No wonder Aly is the most decorated gold medal winner in the group.

Resource: Invitation to visit Israel

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