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Monday, August 13, 2012

Getting Real About Iran and the Bomb

Nadene Goldfoot
Benny Morris, professor of history in the Department of Middle East Studies at Ben-Gurion University in Israel and past  critic of Israel has come out with a statement about Iran and their nuclear production of a bomb or bombs.

He feels that Israel is being logical and clear in their reasoning in that they may have to strike Iran alone..  Iran  is a threat to Israel's existence.  Weapons of a lesser sort can fall into the hands of terrorists.  This could cause a nuclear war in the end.

For the past 30 years no one has succeeded in stopping Iran from producing such weapons or changing their goal of leading the Islamists against the West, and especially of hating Israel.

Even if Israel or Israel and the USA can delay Iran  in manufacturing atomic weapons for 1 or 2 years, Iran might reconsider their options.  Frankly, I feel that this might not be the case.  It might make Iran even more crazy in wanting to destroy everyone.  I don't think they are rational thinkers, as I see they aren't  rational in the first place because they  spew out  such hatred.  I hope I'm wrong.  But it did stop Iraq.  

If Israel attacks alone, all the surrounding enemies certainly will see that Israel means business.    Like Mohammed Ali, the boxer said about himself, Israel "can either float like a butterfly or sting like a bee."  Israel can fight back.

Jay Carney at the White House in Washington DC said that the USA would know if Tehran is close to getting nuclear weapons.  Jerusalem feels that since they didn't see 9/11 coming, why will they know this?  Udi Segal of Channel 2 in Israel said they don't think that the USA will take any military action and haven't told Israel of any attack plan nor have they promised to attack if all else fails.  Leon Panetta hasn't calmed Israeli concerns.  I say that alluding to action is not enough.  Israel is on the front line of being attacked and the USA should be in direct contact with Israel in planning this possibility.  Evidently they aren't.

Obama has gone to the UN and the Arab League for approval before he has acted and the UN is not a friend to Israel.  Israel feels they are alone in their fear.  After all, they are named by this aggressor.  The Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, no doubt the religious push behind the Iranian goal of wiping out Israel, may be acting calmly but wants to achieve this horrendous fanatical goal.  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, their President, makes a good shill.  Israel is not fooled.

Last Sunday there was a terror attack that was thwarted by Israel on the border with Gaza-Egypt and Israel.  Israel must provide safety for its citizens and is doing this job.  No one else ever helps out.  They may have to go it alone in dealing with Iran as well, but Netanyahu was really hoping that the USA would join them in this.

When even Benny Morris says that Israel is being logical and that in order to defend herself may have to stop  Iran's nuclear production of weapons, I know it's for real.  He's like the Greek Oracle that is the final word, as I see it.

Update: 8/14/12  The USA is not taking Israel seriously as to whether or not they will bomb Iran.  They don't think it would do much anyway except delay Iran.  "U.S. officials have stressed that Washington could deal a decisive blow to Iran's nuclear sites, if necessary, and will not allow Tehran to obtain a nuclear weapon. It's unclear whether those assurances will be enough to forestall Israeli action."  Panetta of the USA says action is a last resort and thinks sanctions and pressure will work.

Reference Israel Hayom The Case for Stopping Iran at All Costs -Benny Morris
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