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Sunday, August 26, 2012

No Visas For Israel Bashers

Nadene Goldfoot
Gabrial Zaliasnik is the former president of the Jewish community in Chile.  He has mentioned that he has many Palestinian friends and his father had had many more.  Gabrial is at odds now because he can't understand the Palestinian Federations's current leader, Mauricio Abu-Gosh's remarks that are so anti-Israel.

I can't understand why Gabrial is in the dark.   Abu-Gosh accuses Israel of outdoing the Nazis.  He calls the Nazis "children" compared to the Zionists of Israel.  He went on to say that the Jewish state was a product of Nazism and that it "has outdone its teachers in comparative terms."  He added that the Palestinians are suffering directly from a brutal genocide at the hands of the Israeli army.  He's been supporting the PFLP  or Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, otherwise known as the PLO and other terrorist organizations.

First of all, the Palestinians have it pretty good in comparison to surrounding Arab states.  It is they who continue to attack Israel, not the other way around.  Abbas and his government are in charge of Judea and Samaria and Hamas has taken over Gaza.  Before that, do these people remember being under Jordan's occupation in Judea and Samaria and Egypt's in Gaza?  They're getting as good as they give to Israel. It's when they have attacked Israelis that Israel has had to get a little irrational and do what it takes to protect their own people.  Like in America, if you kill someone, you go to prison.

Maybe Maurice has lived in Chile for so long that he's just believing the propaganda he is fed by al-Jazeera, and other outlets.  He is but one of 400,000 -500,000 Chileans of Palestinian descent, the largest community in South America.  Most moved to Chile in the mid 19th Century and refer to themselves as Turks, also.  Many were Christians, and a minority were thought to be Muslims.  "Chile has also taken in some Palestinian refugees in later years, as in April 2008 when they received  from the Al-Waleed refugee camp on the SyriaIraq border near the Al-Tanf crossing.  The situation in Gaza has caused tensions even thousands of miles away between the Israeli and Palestinian communities in Chile"

Last April Abu-Gosh couldn't get into Israel on grounds of security reasons and inciting hatred.  "Mr. Abu Ghosh has systematically incited the Chilean public against Israel by disseminating demonizing libels based on racial slurs against the Jewish people and by justifying terrorism against Israeli civilians."   Of course Chile's government thought this decision was wrong.  I think it's very wise.  The USA does the same thing.  They don't let in everybody.  Neither does Israel.  Mauricio just joined the likes of Prof. Norman Finkelstein, who also is not admitted into Israel, and he's Jewish from the states.  Qaradawi, head religious leader from Qatar is not allowed into either country, Israel or the USA.  When a person with a closed mind says only hateful despicable things about a country he decides to visit, he just may not be given a visa.  That's the chance he takes when spewing venom.

Shai Agosin, present president of the Jewish community,  had commented that ties between Jews and Palestinians used to be good but took a turn for the worst over the Israel-Palestinian conflict.  Chile is home to about 20,900 Jews today.  Most live in the capital, Santiago.  Abu-Gosh feels they were never close and are very distant now. I'd suggest that he go to Israel to see for himself, but he has closed that door all by himself.  So what he should do is move to Gaza and live under the Hamas rule.  I'd think that after that he will be happy to return to Chile and sing a different tune.  .

Resource: about Mauriceo Abu-Gosh

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