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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Only in Israel: Enemy in Hospital

Nadene Goldfoot
Hamas's Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyeh has a sister.  Her husband had a heart problem about 4 months ago which the hospital in Gaza could not handle.  He was then taken to a hospital in Israel, Beilinson  Hospital in Petah Tikva,  for treatment.

 Now Hamas tries daily to kill Israelis by bombing southern Israel with rockets, missiles and mortars.  Hamas refuses to recognize Israel's right to exist.  They do everything in their power to drive Israelis into the sea.  Did Israel turn this man away?  Certainly not.  He was treated for a week and his heart stabilized.

Only in Israel could this possibly happen.  Yet it does happen all the time.  The hospital in Ashkelon, The Barzilai Medical Center,  takes in all people including the injured from Gaza as well.  Yet Hamas and its other like groups keep plugging away shooting at this very city as well as all the others in southern Israel.  It's so bad that the hospital has had to open up more of their basement areas in order to treat patients safely.


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