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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Spy Business: CIA and Mossad in Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
We have American spies in Tel Aviv spying on Israel.  We know because Israeli spies were spying on them and left their calling card by tampering with the American's locked box with sensitive equipment.  The same thing had happened to the previous spies.  The CIA is being watched..  Even their refrigerator had been rifled.  The CIA spies had found their food all rearranged.  I chuckle to think that perhaps the Israeli spy was a little shocked when he opened the door and rearranged by segregating the milkadik from the fleshadik.

The article in the Oregonian comments that though we are friends, we still don't trust each other and thus the spying.  Israel is the USA's closest ally.  It says that the CIA considers Israel its #1 counterintelligence threat in the agency's Near East Division.  The CIA believe that the US national secrets are safer from other Middle Eastern governments than from Israel.  Perhaps that's because Israel uses highly sophisticated, professional spy services that rival American agencies in technical capability and recruiting human sources.  Israel has access to the highest levels of the US government in military and intelligence circles.

According to Joseph Wippl, former senior CIA clandestine officer and head of the agency's Office of Congressional Affairs, "It's a complicated relationship.  They have their interests.  We have our interests.  For the U.S, it's a balancing act."

Spying on Jews in the USA by the USA and Britain has been going on for a long time.  Jews never profit from it, either.  Even the Reagan-Bush administration have spied on Jews and Israel which has been very harmful.  The Iran Contra story was one situation where spying played a big part.  This was a British arms to Iran deal of 1984 and a transatlantic sting operation to protect George Bush's reputation.  The Israelis were recruited in 1985 as a cover story for continuing an illegal Bush-British partnership.  .  This involved buying  Communist weapons for the Contras from a PLO agent and Syrian terrorist, Monzer Al-Kassar.

Al-Kassar became the mediator for the release of the American hostages in Iran.  This secret agent was really working for the Soviets, so he was a double agent.  The American CIA agent, William Buckley, was told that Bush, Casey and the British secret service had approved Middle East kidnappings.  He was tortured to death by Al-Kassar's helpers in the Syrian intelligence at the same time that Al-Kassar was "negotiating "for Buckley's release.  Betraying Israel was the"touchstone of the men who made their incredible profits from the Arabs."

It was when Bush became president that Syrian intelligence traded its silence about Iran-Contra, BCCI and Buckley in return for a reversal of U.S policy toward Syria.  What is riling is that Kassar was given VIP treatment in Washington as well as the Syrian general in charge of negotiating with the Hezbollah terrorists and of approving drug shipments out of Lebanon.  Not only that, but the White House was wiretapping American Jews.  (p. 14).  Taxpayers in the USA and Britain lost billions of dollars from the ending of the BCCI and unpaid loans to finance Saddam Hussein's army.  How could we be so dumb?  We financed an army and then had to try to destroy it later.

The government of Israel became the public scapegoat for the Iran-Contra affair.  The USA's administration had made a covert tilt toward the Arabs.  The Israeli government lost its military superiority, most of its secret networks, and much of its reputation.  Israel was compelled to stand by helplessly as Iraq bombed their cities during the Gulf War.  It was George Bush's stupidity that did the most harm to the Jews according to the writers of my reference book.

Secretary James A. Baker had said, "Fuck the Jews."  Perhaps he was joking.  A few had thought that he was summarizing the State Department's policy toward Israel for the last 75 years. If the "old spies" are right, the U.S. policy was lenient compared to that of the British and others.  All the big nations have treated Jews as expendable assets, obstacles in getting their supply of Arab oil.  It's a sad state of affairs to look at my country through such different eyes.  (p. 14)

The American spies are now watching if Israel will attack Iran in a surprise move.  Its spying is also coming from the national Security Agency in the USA.  Matthew Aid, author of "The Secret Sentry", said the US started spying on Israel before the state was created in 1948.  That corresponds with my other source, who get into spying on Jews in the USA and abroad  from 1920 to 1947 as well.  Page 1 starts off saying that the major countries in the world have planned covert operations to bring about partial or total destruction of Israel.  I have written about Britain's part in this, too.  Let's face it.  No one has really been helpful.  Israel can only trust itself and that's it.  Spying is an essential tool for survival.

Resource:  Oregonian newspaper 8/5/2012 page A11 CIA, Israel spy together, but see other as threat by Adam Goldman and Matt Apuzzo, AP
Book:  The Secret War Against the Jews:  How Western espionage betrayed the Jewish people" by John Loftus and Mark Aarons, page 461-462, Chapter 20, Blackmailing the President?  Joseph  Wippl

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