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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Reasons to Worry About Muslim Brotherhood

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                   

The Muslim Brotherhood is the party that Morsi of Egypt belongs to.  It's a part of the Middle East countries in one way or another with their power and creed and stems from Saudi Arabia.  Americans are just too disinterested about it and the possibility that it has even reached the White House. The fact is that Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton's right had lady,  is the granddaughter of Qatar's Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi,  head Muslim leader and Sunni scholar who has a program on Al Jazeera and who had been ousted from Egypt under Mubarak for being such a radical.

 People have said, "well,  who cares?"" on the Oregonians' internet Oregon Live Stump  in reaction to their article: Modern day McCarthyism and Huma Abedin from August 10th.  Dana Milbank, the author,  attacked. Andrew McCarthy, the prosecutor who has brought this to light, and Michele Bachmann, who suggested that this aide to Clinton has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.  They just couldn't understand that it could be even with her married to a Jewish man or posing in Vogue.  They felt  she's still a good person and probably a Democrat.  There are lots of people who have weird relatives.  It's been discovered that her mother is an activist in the Muslim Brotherhood.  Her father, also in the Brotherhood,  has published "Muslim Minorities in the West" 1998, part of 29 works to create a conspiratorial manifesto.

Huma came here in 1996 and got a job with the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs, the IMMA.  She was friends with the al-Qaida financier there, Abdulah Omar Naseef. He's connected to al-Qaeda and was the Secretary General of the Muslim World League (MWL) in 1980.    At the same time that she was on the IMMA board, she belonged to the executive board at George Washington University's Muslim Students Association Board and was head of the social committee. So we can see that Huma, a practicing Muslim,  is an active member of the Muslim Brotherhood along with her family..

The Muslim Brotherhood Manifesto stands for things quite alien to the Western world that are harmful for us.This Manifesto has 6 points to look at..
1. They recruit Muslims in non-Muslim lands like the USA and establish centers, programs, mosques, ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) and MSA (Muslim Students Association) to stop assimilation.  That's okay with me.  We Jews do the same thing.
2. Influence the USA by shifting the demographic scale on purpose in favor of the Saudi agenda .
3. Implement Sharia law gradually with goal of becoming a major powerhouse.
4. USA will favor Muslims because of population increase.
5. Gradually implement Wahhabi style Sharia
6. USA will then be a part of the Muslim commonwealth.  It's a takeover of the USA.  The goal is to turn the world into an Islamist empire.  Islam dominates, they are not to be dominated.

You still don't care one way or the other about what happens to the USA?  The Brotherhood has patience, but they feel the Western democracy is corrupt and they call for jihad against the Muslim's real enemies.  They support Hezbollah's war against the Jews.  They glorified Osama bin Laden.  They sanction martyrdom in "Palestine"  They use violent jihad.   They will use deception as a strategy in democracies.  Once in power they will replace it.  Women's rights are nil.  They are to be subjugated and segregated.  The belief in female genital mutilation is okayed.

The Brotherhood places the highest priority on preparation and strategic timing of political and military actions.  They believe in "Jihad is the Way."  Jihad must be carefully timed prudently.

The major point is that it has anti-Semitic roots as it supported the Nazis and keep telling Jews to get out of Egypt and Palestine!  They remain anti-Semitic and call Jews monkeys and pigs. They call us "the criminal, thieving gangs of Zion."   Qaradawi is one of the most vile of religious leaders who teaches anti-Semitism.  .  He has put a fatwa out to kill all Jews and would do so himself if given the chance.

The question has been asked as to how Huma's family did not object to her marrying Weiner, a Jewish man, also a friend of Hillary. The family just may have an agenda from the Brotherhood and Huma is just blending in with this marriage looking very harmless.  Isn't this just what Soviet spies used to do?

Here we see Huma giving Hillary Clinton advice on Israel most likely as her right hand helper.  That's all Israel needs.  Her grandfather, Qaradawi is pushing for  a conquered Jerusalem.  Qaradawi has a long record of inciting violence against Jews and Israel.  He supports terrorist groups that undermine a peaceful resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.  He encouraged Libyan soldiers to assassinate their president.  He spoke in Tahrir Square in Cairo telling protesters to liberate Egypt.  His reward will be a conquered Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem.  He endorses suicide bombs against Israelis.  He has sent millions of dollars to Hamas. Don't you think there's influence here from Huma's family?

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