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Saturday, August 11, 2012

How Paul Ryan Looks at Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
Congressman Paul Ryan, 42 years old,  has just been picked as the running mate for  Mitt Romney, 65 year old Republican candidate for President of the USA.   His position on Israel is very important.  Being the chair of the U.S. House of Representatives Budget Committee from Wisconsin has not called on him to be in on working on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but he has written his opinion about it and I see he shares my opinions.   Paul has been a 7 term congressman, so has had lots of experience.

He would not jeopardize Israel's safety or do anything to legitimize terrorism.  He realizes that Hamas is a terrorist group who call for Israel's destruction.  He knows the Palestinian Arabs  refuse to recognize Israel's existence and even call Osama Bin Laden a "martyr."  He may not even realize, though, that every fallen Palestinian is a "martyr" in Gaza and Judea-Samaria and many have holidays to celebrate their actions.

He reports that America shouldn't force Israel to come to a peace compact that will not result in peace and security for them.  First, the "Palestinians Arabs" must recognize Israel's right to exist.  If they want a state, they must accept that Israel is there as a state as well.  This is Israel's position as well.

Paul co-sponsored legislation H. Res. 268 that passed the House on July 7, 2011 by 407-13, introduced by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in May that reaffirms the US commitment to negotiate a settlement through direct negotiations.  I note that so far Abbas, the Palestinian leader, refuses to come to the table as he wants things settled his way before he even opens his mouth.  

He was also the co-sponsor of the HR 4133, United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act, also introduced by Cantor, passing in the House in May 2012 stating that it is the US policy to reaffirm commitment to Israel's security as a state, provide Israel with military capabilities to defend itself, expand military and civilian co-operation, assist in a negotiated settlement of the conflict, and encourage Israel's neighbors to recognize its right to exist.  It passed, 411-2.

Paul has been a very active congressman.  He had also been the author of a House-backed budget plan that curbed overall entitlement spending and changes in Medicaid into a voucher-like system to save costs.  He's a man with a "vision for the country, according to Romney.

Paul attended the funeral for victims of the Sikh temple shooting in Wisconsin.  Romney's son, Tagg joined him there.

Congressman Paul Ryan  has been picked for his successes and goals in the economy and budgets, not on his outlook on Israel, but I'm sure that didn't hurt.  Together, they make a great team that also should be good for Israel.

PS:  The Sunday paper has an article telling that Oregon Democrat Senator Ron Wyden, (Jewish) authored a 2,300 word piece in March explaining a plan he and Ryan developed which is quite different from the Ryan-authored Medicare proposal adopted by the republican led House.  This Wyden-Ryan plan will allow seniors to continue receiving Medicare coverage while revamping and expanding private options.  It's different from the "end Medicare as we know it" approach that caused Democrats to fire away at Ryan.  Wyden will now have a new prominence in the race since Medicare is a huge issue.  Being a senior and on Medicare through our social security, I find this reassuring.

PPSS: The Oregonian newpaper 8/14/12 page A4  this morning has another article saying that the Wyden-Ryan package was followed by Ryan's later who "advocated a formal budget-slashing proposal that passed the House which Wyden voted against when it came to the Senate".  Wyden denies that he co-lead a piece of legislation with Ryan now. He said this after Romney suggested Wyden ws embracing his running mate's ideas.   More than being angry with Ryan, Wyden is attacking Romney throughout the piece.

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Real orthodox Jew said...

Why do you care about Palestine your homeland is In Russia there is no such thing as Israel or Israeli people only khazar Jews whose homeland is around the black sea /eastern Europe so you should Return there and stop doing to Palestinians to what your fellow Jew hitler did to your cursed people so the fake state of Israel could be created devils people you Jews are .

Nadene Goldfoot said...

Our Homeland was Judah before 70CE, remember real orthodox Jew? The land was named Palestine by the Romans who razed Jerusalem. We weren't Khazar Jews but probably carried some of their genes since the Khazarian Empire in the 700's had a royalty that converted to Judaism. Many of us entered Eastern Europe and were treated badly. We didn't appreciate the pogroms and large groups of us in "Aliyahs" returned to what was then under the Ottoman Empire and called Palestine. Since May 14, 1948 it's Israel. Get with the history.

Beeri Sosthenes said...

Lol... second comment, You tell him! First thing i feel we need to address is Paul Ryan. He actually is a great congress man. Exactly why that devil Romney would chose him. I like the idea of Paul in office, but i can't vote for some one as evil as Romney. Greed and pride are nasty traits when combined. No doubt in my mind he would sell America to any one who would buy it. Ofcorse that's impossible... or is it? I guess if u have a couple of congress men and a president in you pocket... i would call that a lease. :-) this term might actually have a chance of a write in winning. oh i hope so.