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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Chilling Factors Against Israel's Creation From England and USA

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                

The Balfour Declaration of 1917 and Internationally enforced at San Remo Conference in 1920  was a decision of the whole world made through the League of Nations to create the Jewish Homeland (a national home).  This was decided after WWI when the Ottoman Empire fell as it had sided with Germany and the Axis powers.  Jews had been discriminated since 70 CE when they were dispersed by the Roman Empire who took  Samaria (Israel) and Judea and with it the city of Jerusalem.  The creation of Christianity caused undo hardships against Jews through every generation and increasing persecution such as the Spanish Inquisition and pogroms in Russia.  Finally, Jews had their fill and decided to return to what had become a wasteland with their absence: Eretz Israel in 1880's with the First Aliyah.   Along came the Alfred Dryfus Affair in 1894 accusing a French soldier on the general's staff of selling secret documents to Germany and was given a life imprisonment.  He was Jewish and innocent.  Anti-Semitism was in full swing.  Jews realized then that their formal European emancipation was a joke.  By 1897, Theodor Herzl, Austrian reporter,  created the World Zionist Organization to return to their land.
The British were given the mandate to see that the Jewish Homeland was created that all the nations had signed onto.  They really didn't care about Jews as much as they were after foreign propaganda purposes,  according to sources in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.   Germany came out with Hitler's anti-Semitic "25 points" which was spread to the populous by his speeches in 1920.  What was said in Germany was heard in England.  During this same year, both England and the USA were very interested in  gaining oil interests in the Middle East.  The invention of the automobile made this a very serious acquisition and needed gas to run.

Harry St. John Bridger Philby, better known as Jack Philby,  was a British spy who spied on Zionists, and carried on a secret war against Jews.  His close friend was Allen Dulles, brother of John Foster Dulles, who because of his influence, created a US policy in the Middle East that lasted through George Bush's White House in the 1990's.  Reports are that this secret service M16 agent Philby is the secret founder of Saudi Arabia.  He had passed intelligence information that caused the military victory for the House of Saud to ibn Saud.  Philby used Dulles to influence American policy against the Jewish Homeland and to help him in the development of Saudi Arabian oil.  They had a partnership and both wanted to make a lot of money.  They created a partnership with American oil companies and were against the British interests as well as were in favor of Nazi Germany!

By 1921, Haj Amin al-Husseini was appointed the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem by the Jewish British High Commissioner, Sir Herbert Samuel.  He was also appointed as head of the Supreme Moslem Council.  .  Arabs were attacking Jews in Jaffa and  Petach Tikvah who were helped by the British officials.  Of course the outcome was a suspension of Jewish immigration by the British.   Allan Dulles headed up the Near East Division in Washington from 1922 to 1926.  He met most of the emerging Arab leaders and met Chaim Weizmann and then decided that a Jewish Homeland would be a zero to helping the USA get oil fields by complicating  American oil companies from getting into the region.  He held a private audience with Abdullah of Jordan.  Dulles and his colleagues in the State Department had decided that Jews were an obstacle to Arab oil.

The Arabs had helped the British to win the war by fighting against the Ottoman Empire.  Chaim Weizmann, a chemist in England, helped by inventing  better ammunition  which definitely caused the British to win.  Besides that, Jews had also fought with them against the Ottoman Empire.  The Arabs were ticked off about the reward as they saw it, of land to the Jews for their homeland.  To pacify them as well, Eastern Palestine, called Transjordan, about 75-80% of the Jewish Homeland to be, was given to King Abdullah for his state of Transjordan as their reward.  In other words, the Jews have now lost 80% of their homeland by 1922.  In the same year, Winston Churchill wrote the White Paper which limited Jewish immigration to "capacity to absorb new arrivals".  This was indeed limiting their numbers.

In 1928 the British came up with their "Organic Law" which provided separate Commissions for Palestine and Transjordan which was against the Mandate.   Jews were prohibited from settlement in Transjordan.   Arabs were incited by Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini in the Wailing Wall incident and also incited his followers into anti-Jewish attacks in other places.  The US company, Gulf Oil, started exploration in Bahrain and then turned over its interests to Standard Oil of California and went to to Kuwait to explore.  The British government had invoked agreements it made with Kuwait and Bahrain that oil development was to be only to British concerns.  The US had a campaign to replace Britain and dominate the Middle Eastern oil and Britain backed off after a lot of negotiations.
                                               Grand Mufti and Adolf Hitler
The Shaw Commission found Jewish immigration in 1925 and 26 excessive and recommended restriction of Jewish immigration and land sales in 1929.  They had a Ratification of Agreement regarding Transjordan.  Arabs  massacred Jews in Safed and Hebron, 2 of the  4 Holy cities to Jews.  Arabs also rioted and assaulted Jewish villages  and in Jerusalem caused by deliberate religious inflammation for which Mufti and his party were solely responsible.  Who did Britain favor in this?  The High Commissioner Chancellor came out with a Proclamation on September 1, 1929 called the "Protection of Cultivators Ordinance" enacted for "displaced" Arabs.  This is when Philby visited Jerusalem and formed a lasting friendship with the Grand Mufti Haj Amin al Husseini.  He then "went" Arab by converting to Islam and even had his own concubines but had to go through circumcision at age 45  before he could have his 4 wives that were promised to him.  He was even given a house and a job by the Mufti.

The next year found Arabs rendered "landless" and unemployed and were caused by the Jewish immigration in 1930 with the Hope Simpson Report.  State lands were then allocated for "landless Arabs" instead of the Jewish settlement which was called for in Art. VI of the Mandate.  This Report ignored whether Jewish purchase had caused their landlessness or if they ever owned land in the first place.  The 1930 Passfield White Paper came out which restricted Jewish immigration and land acquisition which was based on this "absorptive capacity. decision."   Hitler's plan for Jews' demise  was already in motion and was gaining popularity.

However, the Hope Simpson findings were disproved by investigation and other British studies in 1931. They passed an amendment to the Protection of Cultivators Ordinance.  It was to further benefit landless and displaced Arabs.

Muslims were again incited against Jews in 1933 at the Festival of Nebi Rubin by Musa Kasem Pasha al-Husseini's violent speech against Jewish immigration.  There were strikes and anti-Jewish riots.  The government was accused of favoring Jews.  Hitler came into power.  The Cultivators' Ordinance of 1933 replaced earlier laws.  It instituted allowances of subsistence area or remuneration for any Arab "statutory tenant" not grossly neglecting areas of grazing or occasional presence.

By May of 1932, oil was discovered in Bahrain.  Ibn Saud had consolidated his rule and proclaimed the modern nation of Saudi Arabia.  Jack Philby helped to start exploration for oil there, as well.  This grew into the Arabian-American Oil Company, Aramco.

In 1934 there was an influx of 30,000 to 35,000 Arab immigrants from the Hauran-Syria to the Jewish settled areas in Western Palestine during a 3 month period.  The population movement was recognized by Syrian leadership and the League of Nations Permanent Mandates Commission, but denied by and omitted from the British Mandatory Government data, records and statistics.  In other words, Syria knew about this and recorded it but the British would not.  They were allowing the illegal immigration of Arabs into the land set aside for the Jewish Homeland.   At the same time, the British government instituted the practice of deducting the estimated numbers of illegal Jewish immigrants from the Jewish immigration quotas.  This is when Jews wanted to emigrate from Germany.  Mein Kampf had come out and spelled danger for the Jews.

Anti-Jewish pogroms and riots were happening in Eretz Yisrael by 1936, just as Jews had experienced in Russia.  Arabs were striking with the imported assistance of hired Syria and Iraqi mercenaries.  This was known as the "Arab Revolt."

A royal Commission in 1937 was appointed to investigate the deteriorating Palestine conditions.  Lewis Andrews, District Commissioner for the Galilee, was assigned to administer the Commission's tour.  He was murdered outside his church by "moderate" Arab terrorists.  Nearly 100 Jewish deaths resulted and the Government personnel were murdered with about 150 wounded.  The Palestine Royal commission Report then recommended the partition of the land into one Jewish and one Arab state.
Unemployment rose and the Jewish immigration restrictions continued causing illegal Jewish immigration to rise in 1938.  Germany was most dangerous now for Jews and they were trying to get out of that country.  There was the Mufti-led guerrilla warfare that was aided by imported Arab rebels and included anti-Jewish pogroms, and the assassinations of other Arabs, ambushes of the military and the general sabotage which led to the occupation of the Old City of Jerusalem.  The Mufti engaged in a plan of systematic extermination of his opponents.

There was rivalry between Husseini and Nashashibi which brought on violence and rebellion..  348 died in the first quarter of the year 1939.  England declared war against Germany.  The Nazis committed atrocities against the Jews of Europe.  Arab leaders collaborated with the Nazis and other axis.  The English government came out with a White Paper that enforced the new rigidly pro-Arab, anti-Mandate policy that restricted Jewish immigration for the next 5 years  and afterwards at the discretion of the Arabs of Palestine. This was all strictly against the mandate they had promised to uphold.  This was a promise to the whole world who had signed the Balfour Declaration.

Land Transfer Regulation came out in 1940 which were enforced by the White Paper of 1940.  It prohibited transfers of most land in Western Palestine except to a Palestinian Arab.  Again, this was in violation of Article 6 of the mandate.

The Nazi hatred against Jews spread to Baghdad in 1941 when the Jewish community was attacked by mob killing 180 Jews.

There were only about a half a million Jews in Germany at the beginning of WWII.  Hitler wanted Jews to emigrate.  There were very few countries that would accept more than a handful.  They couldn't hardly get into Palestine as Ibn Saud, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem hated Jews, he said in 1937 because  of their persecution and rejection of Christ and their subsequent rejection of Muhammed.  Ibn Saud reiterated that for him to be killed by a Jew or to kill a Jew ensures him an immediate entry in Heaven and into the august presence of G-d Almighty.  This appealed to Philby and was an inducement to converting to Islam.  He became a double agent for the Third Reich and publicly pretended to help Jews while privately helped the Nazis.  He made a profit for the House and Saud and for himself this way.  He was always out to hurt the British Empire's position in the Middle East.

The USA entered WWII on December 7, 1941 when Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese.  By May 14, 1948, Harry Truman said yes to the creation of Israel in the new United Nations.  He was not a part of the scheme of the State Department, who was more anxious for oil and wanted to keep Israel from becoming a state.  It was a miracle that Harry Truman was President at that time in history.  It was a miracle that Israel was able to have a population of 650,000 by that time in order to create their own state. (600,000 people of the Exodus had entered Canaan).   From the moment of creation, Arab countries then persecuted their Jewish communities and there were mass expulsions where most went to Israel.  Jews were denied the right of national identity in the Soviet Union and could not practice Judaism by attending a synagogue or reading Hebrew.

Resource: Updated 6/30/13  Video:  A must to watch.  Take notes. Notice Waldheim was Nazi officer  15 minute video on role of Haj Amin al Husseini and Nazis.  Excellent!  
From Time Immemorial -the origins of the Arab-Jewish conflict over Palestine by Joan Peters, 1984.
The Secret War Against the Jews-how Western espionage betrayed the Jewish people by John Loftus and Mark Aarons, 1994.
Facts About Israel, Division of Information, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Jerusalem

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