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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Obama Decision Not Taken Lightly by Israel

Nadene Goldfoot                                                               

 Backing Morsi as President of Egypt was another wrongful decision of Obama's.  It didn't go well with Egypt at all who ousted him in about 6 months after realizing the results of this decision.  

Dore Gold, past Israeli ambassador to the USA must be very disappointed with the Obama government since he commented that any international move that legitimizes Hamas is a dangerous mistake.  That's just what has happened with the USA falling head over heels in its rush to recognize the legitimacy of a Palestine with a government made up of a united Fatah and Hamas terrorists with a charter bent on destroying its neighbor, Israel.  Dore is also a foreign policy adviser to Netanyahu, who must also be extremely disappointed in their "friend," the USA. " Some friend," he must be thinking right now.

Ron Dermer, Israel's ambassador to Washington commented on his facebook page that "Israel is deeply disappointed" by the US decision to pursue "business as usual" with the Palestinians.  From Israel came the comment that America's position is a "slap in the face."  Congress members agree and 2 Republican senators called on the administration to reconsider aid immediately.

Netanyahu is asking other nations to not recognize this unified government.  He said he is "deeply troubled" by this decision of the USA.  "All those who genuinely seek peace must reject President Abbas's embrace of Hamas, and most especially, I think the USA must make it absolutely clear to the Palestinian president Abbas that his pact with Hamas, a terrorist organization that seeks Israel's liquidation, is simply unacceptable." he implored.  Yes, but I ask how Obama can retract what he has decided and be believable.  He is so two-faced already.  He's had all the time in the world to realize that Hamas is USA stamped as a terrorist group and here he has gone ahead and ignored the meaning of terrorist.

A terrorist group is not just a private fighting force following gentlemanly international rules of fighting another army group.  They terrorize citizens, mothers and fathers and children and do horrendous things to these people.  They slit their throats and stab and kill and blow their bodies up.  Their acts are  inhuman.  They do barbaric acts to Jews.  The shoot-out at the OKCorral is sweet compared to what the Jews have met from them.

The Obama administration is trying to mend their bridges with Israel over this decision, but there's no way they can mend my heart with such a move.  Netanyahu is more politically minded than me, so I wonder how he'll react to all this.  To me Obama is trying to have his cake and eat it, too.  What the USA has said is that they are now going to recognize the new Palestine government and fund them as well with my tax money!  They think they deserve a chance to succeed.

When Obama says this, a chance to succeed, I wonder, to succeed at what?   Their main goal has been to bring down Israel.  That I don't want them to succeed.  They have had oodles of money from sympathetic nearby governments which they have wasted, making many of them, at least in Gaza, millionaires as accounts have written about.  What makes Obama's government think they will be successful when they are telling the world that now they will really be in the position to destroy Israel?  Are we living an Alice in Wonderland mindset?

Israeli officials have nothing but harsh criticism for this turncoat decision. Marie Harf from the state department thinks that the new government didn't include any radicals against Israel.  Ha!  Ismail Haniya, Prime Minister of the Hamas government, is adamant about destroying Israel and he's in the government and already making speeches about his goals.  Is Marie asleep?

Marie said that the Obama government will now be judging the new government by their actions.  Lady, look at what the actions have been. Mortars, missiles and rockets have been streaming down at southern Israel since 2001.  They are still actively doing such bombardments.  It's just that Israel has had to come up with a lot of defensive moves against it like bomb shelters.  I would just love to have you live in Sderot for a year under such conditions to see what those people have to live with, and now you've given them the green light to make it easier to kill Israelis.  What kind of actions do you think is going to happen.  Do you think that suddenly the Palestinians are going to be good neighbors without any preliminary change of heart simply because they have their state?

The disappointing thing is that these Arabs didn't come from a former state that they are trying to rebuild nor were they a people once upon a time.  They are an assortment of Arabs who were fairly nomadic and had entered Palestine such as it was; empty land where they could either put their tent up or create a mud brick  house without much static from any government and were mostly just squatters living on the land.  They met up with a few Muslims living there already who, we now find, some had once been Jews and had become Muslims and owned their acreage.  They only decided they wanted their own state after the 1967 War when the surrounding states urged them to do so after terrorizing Israelis didn't do the job of driving them all into the sea.  They've lived the last 100 years being brain-washed against Jews and against the idea of a Jewish state and have been the pawns used as weapons against Israel.  And now the Obama government thinks that overnight they will be peaceful neighbors.


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