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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Palestine Copying Hezbollah-Run Lebanon Government

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                    

                                            Hezbollah, who run Lebanon today

Kerry went to Beirut, Lebanon yesterday to tell that country to pick a president and end their stalemate.  They haven't been able to do this because Hezbollah is in charge of the country.   Hezbollah (Party of God) came into power in 1982 when Israel let Major Hadad of Lebanon to go it alone and go to stop the PLO in their camp.  They had been fighting against Hadad and attacking Israel.  Hadad and his men were Christians, and the country, according to Lebanese law, needed a Maronite Christian to be the President of this Muslim majority  state.  Hadad was helping Israel to guard its northern border.

According to Wikipedia, Lebanon has a president who is Tammam Salam born 1945 and who started his term in office on May 25, 2014.  He is the incumbent of the Independent Party.  He had to step in because they hadn't been able to choose a Maronite Christian.  "This agreement had to be suspended three times, when two Muslims, the former Prime Ministers had to step in as Acting Presidents, Selim Hoss in 1988, Fouad Siniora in 2007 and Tammam Salam in 2014"  Since this isn't the first time they have had problems in picking a Maronite Christian but had solved the problem, did they really need Kerry to tell them to get with it and  end their political stalemate?  

Now, this united Hamas-Fatah government of Palestine that the USA is already accepting (PUG) is based on Hezbollah's model in Lebanon.  The deal is this:
1. Hezbollah terrorists are a part of the government
2. They  get to run their own large and independent army.
Conclusion:  Hezbollah controls most of Lebanon.  Lebanon is in an official state of war with Israel.

Hezbollah fought a guerrilla campaign against Israel in southern Lebanon until Israel withdrew in 2000.  Then they emerged as a leading political party in post-civil war Lebanon.  On July 12, 2006, Hezbollah launched a military operation against Israel and killed Israeli soldiers and abducted 2 as prisoners of war.  This caused Israel into having a major military offensive against Hezbollah. This 2nd Lebanon War ended on August 14, 2006.   The war lasted 34 days and 1,000 Lebanese were said to be dead from it in Lebanon.  1,000,000 were displaced. It was a stalemate.   This was seen as Lebanon coming out of it as heroes.  This helped them to topple Lebanon's government.  It looks like they are still in the driver's seat.  It was Iran who backed and supported Lebanon during the war and probably afterwards, too.  .

Hezbollah dominates the country's domestic and foreign policy and their military machine is better than the national army.  It makes the final say on appointments.  Hezbollah subscribes to the Iranian paradigm of wilayat al-faqihThe doctrine of Wilayat al-Faqih forms the central axis of contemporary Shi’a political thought. It advocates a guardianship-based political system, which relies upon a just and capable jurist (faqih) to assume the leadership of the government in the absence of an infallible Imam. However, although the guardianship of a high-ranking religious scholar is universally accepted amongst all Shi’a theories of governance, any disagreement is focused on the details such as the role of the jurist and the scope of his authority.  

 Ahmad al-Asaad, leader of the Shiite party, believes that "we must get rid of Hezbollah in order to build a viable state. Washington is funding the Lebanese Armed Forces which everybody knows is under Hezbollah control.
                                              Hamas Terrorists will have free reign.

Aren't we thrilled that Palestine is copying the Hezbollah terrorists' model for government?  Hamas will be just like them. They will run much of the show behind the scenes and also keep its independent army of terrorists and weapons.  Lee Smith, author of " THE STRONG HORSE, Power, politics, and the clash of Arab civilizations"  notes that their independent military organization will engage in terrorism.  The PA is only a legitimate cover while they wage war against Israel.  No doubt Washington will be funding the PA because Kerry is calling the Hezbollah terrorists a legitimate player when speaking in Lebanon and Syria.

Why bother labeling groups as terrorists when they are still involved and accepted by the USA?

Some are talking about the reason Kerry went to Lebanon, and don't think it was just for pushing for stability by electing a Maronite Christian as president.  It was to send a message to Israel.  Since Israel didn't bend in Kerry's running of a peace table, this could be quite vindictive of Kerry.  The USA is accepting a Palestine that has terrorists running the government, just like Lebanon has, and thus the USA will then be able to work with them.


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Nadene Goldfoot said...

US Admits: Hamas Unity Government Can Launch Rockets, and Still Receive US Funds
The State Department briefing makes for such fascinatingly convoluted reading, in order to justify Obama's position to fund PUG, and consequently Hamas. I find it disgusting.