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Monday, June 2, 2014

Watch What Countries Will Recognize a Hamas-Fatah Palestine

Nadene Goldfoot                                                  
                                       Hamas Terrorists

What countries will tumble head over heels in their rush to recognize a Palestine that has a Hamas-Fatah government?  They have never accepted Israel's existence which was sanctified by not only the League of Nations but the UN later as well May 14, 1948.  Will this decision actually grow near even though they have walked away from the Peace Accords with John Kerry?
                                          Fatah fighters

Hamas is a recognized terror group breaking all the rules established by international law to create a state.  The West will not have official dealings with them.  They continue to call for Israel's destruction and continually work on that by bombing their neighbor with missiles, mortars and rockets.  Recognition will only grant them the idea that the rest of the world is allowing such practice.  They will not be peaceful with Israel until they decide to change their charter and accept Israel's existence.

Did US Secretary of State John Kerry convey these facts to the Palestinians during their meetings?  He says he talked of this although we know Abbas of Fatah will never recognize Israel and neither will Hamas yet Abbas  had the audacity to Monday to say that the new government would be committed to these principles.  Why then, couldn't they agree when they met with Kerry?  Like the child who tells his mom that he'll stop teasing his sister when caught, then wiggles away and does it again 15 minutes later, these are just empty promises with nothing to back them up.

What countries will recognize Palestine now that Fatah and Hamas are united again?  They've been uniting on and off again throughout the past years, but being Abbas is nearing 80 years of age, wants to have something positive to leave in his memory, so is condescending to Hamas, who broke off from them.

 It will be the immediate Muslim countries of the area, of course, like Iran who is the most hateful of all the countries towards Israel,  Jordan who is already half Palestinian, and Syria's Assad, who wants backing,  Pakistan who has been noisily anti-Israel of late, and possibly Egypt will be last.  Then the outer Muslim countries will recognize it of which there are 48 in all, making Palestine the 49th at least.

Of the West, the countries who have the most to gain from such a recognition will fall in like Russia, Norway,  Brussels, Sweden, France, England, etc.

 The USA should be standing aside from such a decision.  They say they can only work with a government that endorses the "Quartet principles,"  which are:
1. Israel's right to exist
2. Renunciation of violence and terror
3.. Endorse previous Israels-Palestinian agreements
The United States already promised Israel that they would not deal with any Palestinian government "backed by the terrorists, Hamas," so that really takes this out of the picture anyway, unless they break their promise.  Has the USA ever done that?    The Quartet is made up of Germany, USA's John Kerry, Russia and EU (European Union) of which Catherine Ashton is their rep.  Will they be a party to recognition without recognition of their own laws.

I would also add that the PA need to make back payments on their electric bill and from now on are responsible for supplying their own electricity and other needs and not depend on Israel to do it.

How did we ever reach the day when a terrorist group bent on the destruction of a neighbor state has been allowed to be at war with that state and then be on the agenda to become a state?  The UN allowed it.  Isn't their role to stop such things from happening?

It started in 2006 when George Bush allowed Hamas's participation to run for presidency of the Gaza Palestinians, thinking that this was democracy in action.  Instead, they won over Abbas and Fatah by showing they had more muscle power and probably used it in gaining votes.  Condoleezza Rice was secretary of state then and has written in her memoirs that the USA should have had each party disarm before they could run for office. I think there were more conditions that should have been met as well, like accept Israel first, throw out their textbooks teaching children to hate Jews, etc., or forget it until they do.   They put the horse before the cart.

Israel has put the USA first before their benefits that could have come from Russia, so I hope that the USA doesn't melt and just accept a Palestine along with all the other sheep.  Israel could have received $1 billion in defense trade and other projects with Russia.  Moscow also can influence others towards Israel because of their ties with their enemy like Iran and Syria.  Russia has done one good thing.  They cancelled a huge $300PMU (air defense) contract with Iran already.

Israel is left to protect its citizens from Gaza who fired rockets at Israel on Monday.  Israel's Air Force retaliated by striking 2 terror targets, the first retaliation in a month.  At the same time, the IDF retaliated towards Syria after their shells hit Israeli military posts on Mount Hermon in the Golan.  You'd think Syria had enough rebels of their own to strike.

Israel has stopped 11 attempts of a mixed bag of Palestinian Fatah and Hamas  and other terror-Islamic  security prisoners  from inside Israel's jails who were  trying to kidnap Israeli soldiers and citizens.  They were in the act of teaching others on how to do this.  The idea was to arrange their own release in a prisoner exchange deal.  (Ynet News).

We still see many people all over the world supporting BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) against Israel.  It happens the most on the USA campuses as well as in Canada, Australia and Europe.  People see themselves in the hero role championing Palestinian rights.  In Ramallah, now a Palestine capital, activists of the PA were seen  not as champions but as trouble-makers and law-breakers.  PA (Palestine Authority of Fatah) the movement goes against the real interests of the Palestinians.  The reason is that they are seen by everyone as radicals, and they want to be seen as people wanting a peace agreement with Israel using the 2-state solution, but this has also come to an end with the merger of Fatah with Hamas now.

There seems to be no group supporting Israel by championing their rights.  Even the USA's 6 million Jews are divided into 2 groups with J Street knocking Israel and trying to divert their policy towards what they want, living safely away thousands of miles in the USA. J Street is a competitor with AIPAC, who back Israel's rights and decisions and are not arm chair players in the policies.  We have the Presbyterians championing the Palestinian Christians who are being used by the Palestinian Muslims.  However, we do have the Evangelical Christians in Israel's corner along with the Israelis and other more conservative American Jews.  Egypt and Jordan are still keeping their peace.  You can imagine that a Palestine will not sign any peace pact with Israel.  Their first goal is to take over east Jerusalem.  

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Nadene Goldfoot said... This is to sign on to ask that Hamas be disarmed.

Nadene Goldfoot said...

The United States did it again! It went against its promise to Israel, its best friend.