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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Past Action of Hezbollah Towards Jews Doesn't Deter Kerry

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                       

                   Nabih Berri, Speaker of Hezbollah dominated Lebanese parliament

In 1985, the year I flew back to Oregon from Israel, there was a TWA airline that I didn't take, thank goodness,  that flew on Friday, June 14th from Cairo to San Diego and onto Athens, Rome, Boston and finally Los Angeles.   It was Flight 847 and after going from Athens to Rome it was hijacked by Shia terrorists belonging to Hezbollah and the Islamic Jihad, Shiite allies of Hezbollah and Amal.
They did this so they could demand that Shia prisoners being held in Kuwait, Israel and Spain would be released. Israel was holding 700 Shiite terrorists. Over several weeks, Israel did release over 700 prisoners but said it wasn't related to the hijacking.   They forced the plane to fly to Beirut, Lebanon and there they released 19 passengers before flying on to Algiers where they released 22 more.  Then it went back to Beirut.   One of the passengers remaining was a USA Navy diver, Robert Dean Stethem, and they beat him and shot him in the right temple  on June 15th.  It was plain murder for no reason other than he was a US serviceman.   They threw his body on the tarmac.
      Robert Dean Stethem, diver for US Navy Murdered  June 15, 1985 by Hijackers of TWA 847

Their demands were in in German as they spoke poor English.  :
Both the remaining passengers and crew had to endure a 3 day ordeal.  Some were threatened and beaten.  If their names sounded Jewish, they were separated from the others.  Then they were taken off the jet by Hezbollah and kept in Beirut.  All this was going on in the middle of Lebanon's Civil War.  

About 12 men from the Amal movement joined the hijackers on the jet and the pilot had to fly to Algiers again where 60 more were freed. Amal is a secular movement made up of Shiites who hold one seat more than Hezbollah in Lebanon's parliament.   The next day the jet returned to Beirut with 32 remaining passengers.  About 200 Lebanese Army soldiers left the area so that only the Hezbollah was in charge and had free reign.  They were afraid that the USA was planning a rescue of these passengers, so Hezbollah moved them off of the jet and kept them in different groups throughout Beirut.  Both terrorist groups mined the runways at the airport to stop any rescue attempt.  

By June 17th, the 3rd day,  Nabih Berri, Lebanese Minister of Justice and THE Amal leader took responsibility for the safety of the hostages and agreed to be the mediators.  Berri's men were holding most of the hostages and controlled the jet, so he freed them. 

Berri was a hero to his relatives who were living in the USA.  They were all in Dearborn, Michigan, USA or Dearbornistan, as he may have called it.  It's now known as Little Lebanon where he had more than 1,000 relatives, quite an extended family.  In the USA they've spelled their surname as Berry and had started immigrating in the 1920's from the village of Tibbnen in southern Lebanon.  They say that Berri's former wife, Lila, and 6 of his children live in Dearborn.

Nabih Berri is a French educated lawyer who is head of the Amal movement and is the leading spokesman for Lebanon's 1 million Shiites.  Lebanon has about 4,196,453 population and the others are 60% Sunni Muslims and Christians.  Nabih gave the order for the remaining hostages to be taken from the plane at Beirut and hidden around the city, so he is certainly a 2-faced individual, playing the hero while being part of the plot of hijacking.  

                                                           Dearborn, Michigan Mosque

Such a nice man.  Every 2 years he visits Dearborn with a green card which lets him live permanently in the USA if he wants.  Flight attendant Uli Derickson was widely credited with calming the hijackers and saving the lives of many passengers. She spoke German so could communicate with the hijackers.   She also hid the passports of Jewish passengers so they could not be singled out.  If she hadn't done that, you can bet they would all have met the same fate as the navy serviceman; murder.  

Now, guess who John Kerry, Secretary of the USA enjoyed the company of in a recent meeting on June 4th  and had quite a chat with?  His friend, Nabih Berri, still head of the Amal Movement and who is in the Hezbollah parliament.  Kerry had flown to Lebanon to supposedly tell their government to pick a president quickly, but most of the pundits feel it was to give a message to Israel by doing so of "See what is happening because you wouldn't listen to me?"  The USA is the first to recognize Palestine as a state under raunchy conditions without any guarantees of peaceful intentions to Israel.  Netanyahu is pleading with European nations not to follow suit.    

I haven't mentioned Sunni Islam in Lebanon.  One third of the Muslims are Sunnis.  I haven't seen them mentioned as belonging to the terrorists.  The government of Lebanon, once known as the Paris of the Middle East, had a unique makeup.  "Since resolved, Lebanon’s fragile peace is dependent on a sectarian governmental structure, where the President is a MaroniteChristian, the Prime Minister a Sunni Muslim, and the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies a Shia Muslim.  However, we all known that today the Hezbollah rules and this is the type of government that Kerry is okaying for Palestine who is using them as a model.  In Palestine, they will not have any Jews, however.  It is to be Judenrein.  Their model is being used to accommodate Fatah and Hamas terrorist politics.  

Yet, international law proves that Israel is in the right about living in Judea and Samaria and east Jerusalem, but nobody will accept it as it interferes with their global plans.  Kerry had this plan in mind, instead.  


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