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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Alan Dershowitz's Answer to Presidential Pick

Alan Dershowitz, my favorite lawyer and author of "The Case For Israel" in which he has done an outstanding job of defending Israel's right to exist, is juggling reasons in promoting Obama as president.

He feels that we should elect a liberal president who strongly supports Israel because the worry is that "radical academics" on university campuses are trying to present Israel as the darling of the right and an anathema to the left. I feel that Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein are good examples of this. It is true that Arab organizations on campuses are very forceful and outnumber Jewish students on many campuses. They are speaking out against Israel. I took a class in Middle -East History here in Portland several years ago, and the textbook we were using was written in an Arab country. I had to disagree with many parts of it.

My worry is: does Obama strongly support Israel as he says he does. One can only hope and pray. The fact that he has been associated and surrounded by academics and politicians and religious people who do not bothers me. Actions speak louder than words. When I heard that Obama spoke so eloquently at an AIPAC meeting about Jerusalem and that it must remain undivided, I had high hopes, but less than 24 hours later, after being confronted by a Palestinian, he changed his statement to having used the wrong words. Really! He mumbled that he meant that it wouldn't be divided by barbed wire!

On the other hand, it took untold beatings and breaking of bones to get McCain to say anything that his enemies wanted to hear. He, being the most stubborn man, could not be made to weaken until his life was more than ready to part from this world in the five and a half years he spent as a prisoner during Viet Nam. McCain has been a friend of Israel for many years and has supported pro-Israel votes in Congress. He is a defender of Israel to have the right to defend itself.

I've seen in this election period that words are cheap. Candidates say anything in order to get elected. I don't think the very young have learned that fact, yet. In a very short time we will learn what course will be taken on the subject of Israel. We should have learned long ago in history that appeasement never works. I see that Israel was not even a subject listed by the Oregonian this morning in showing the differences between our two candidates of McCain and Obama.

I only hope that Dershowitz is right about Obama this time in that he will continue the American support of an Israel, and not have Israel to be a part of his "Change". I hope he is not going to be as wrong as Greenspan has been about the state of our economy and say that he didn't see it coming.

Resource: The Jerusalem Post: Joel Pollak's McCain and Obama: compare records, not rhetoric

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