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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Three Obama Advisors Who Promote PLO as Israel's Peace Partners

Nadene Goldfoot
Martin Indyk, Dennis Ross and Daniel Kurtzer are advising Obama to again promote the PLO as peace partners though they haven't done a thing themselves to promote peace. As David Bedein wrote, "This is the threesome that defined the PLO as a peace partner even after the PLO would not ratify the Oslo "declaration of principles" in October 1993.This is the threeesome that attested to the fact that, in 1996, the PLO had cancelled its covenant to destroy Israel, when it had not done so.

By mentioning PLO, I take it that my old friend David means the newly called Fatah, who have taken over the West Bank. Hamas terrorists in Gaza are also part of the old PLO, but have broken off as the extreme right wing terrorist group unwilling to negotiate any type of peace with Israel. In fact, they have been shelling Israel for many years, now.

These three men have outstanding reputations and much experience in the Middle East. Martin Indyk wrote speeches for former Secretary of State James Baker, who pressured Israel to relent in the peace process. Martin is Jewish and a former ambassador to Israel. He is also a lobbyist and worked in the Clinton administration from 1995 to 1997, and from 2000 to 2001 he worked for Bush. Dennis Ross is also Jewish, though non religious. He was the director of policy planning in the state department under George Bush and a Middle East coordinator under Clinton. Some call him a self-hating Jew. Dan Kurtzer is an Orthodox Jew who was also a US Ambassador to Israel. He is a Democrat and an Obama supporter and is called by some as a man that is part of the Israeli lobby. He was an advisor to Obama in the address to AIPAC, Israel's only American lobby group.

They are all thinking inside the box as believing that PLO terrorists can become peace partners with Israel. I feel that's it's fairly easy living in the United States and advising Israel what to do. They're not living under the same circumstances that Israelis are like David Bedein. I suggest that these threesome move to Israel and do their research from there.

I met David when I lived in Safed (TZFAT) after being in Israel for about a year in Haifa. We had moved there and were teaching in the city school system. David was a community organizer and helped us to start a Yiddish Theater in English group. We started by doing a 3 man shtik of humor about being new immigrants in Israel, and we traveled around doing our thing in several hotels. From there we were able to use the Safed city theater and put on plays, several of which I had written. Keeping busy kept us from worrying too much.

Obama visited Sderot, a city in the south, very close to Gaza, Israel a few months ago and told the Israelis there that he would not forget their fears. They were being shelled regularly from Gazan Hamas terrorists and could not enjoy a moment away from fear. Right after that he visited Berlin, and mentioned other country's fears, but neglected to add Israel to the list, or even Sderot.

He and his three advisors seem to think that such killers are adequate peace partners for Israel. Even Bush has stated that you can't make peace with such people. I remember hearing that once.

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