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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Did Reverend Jackson Let the Cat Out of the Bag?

Nadene Goldfoot
Reverend Jackson just announced that if Obama wins the attitude towards Israel will change completely. The "Zionists" will no longer be in charge. Obama retorted that he is not a spokesman for him and has no business speaking that way. However, Jackson stated that he is a friend of the family. His son is good friends with Obama. He also said that Obama is about change, change in the way America looks at the world and it's place in it. It looks like Israel will not be treated in the same way that it has been by our administration if Obama is in power.

This is exactly what I have been wondering about. What will Obama's attitude towards Israel really be like? Now I am wondering what Jackson knows, or why he said this. I fear that Reverend Wright did not have warm feelings towards Israel. Now I'm also wondering about Jackson. Wright's close association with Farakhan certainly would help in that respect. Farakhan is no friend of Jews in particular or Israel.

Of course, at a time when Obama is trying to convince Jews to vote for him, this statement of Jackson's was bad timing as far as the election goes.

10/15/08 The last reference below is today's answer to the original news yesterday from Obama. He denies saying this.
10/15/08 2:51 Fox News TV had Professor Mark....and James Harris, both Black commentators, speaking about remarks that Dick Morris, former Clinton Advisor and now for McCain just made reiterating the news about Reverend Jesse Jackson's remarks. James Harris believes that Reverend Jackson probably said it. He has been at odds with Obama at various times.
Reference: Fox News: 3:30pm Britt Hume
New York Post:

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