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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sarah Palin's Attitude Towards Israel

In about two hours, the country will be watching Sarah Palin debate Joe Biden. How will she react about a question concerning Israel? What are her feelings about Israel?

Sarah Louise Heath, born February 11, 1964 in Sandpoint, Idaho, moved to Alaska shortly after her birth with her family; father Charles "Chuck" R. Heath, a science teacher and track coach, and mother Sarah "Sally" Sheeran, a school secretary. Sarah was baptised as a Catholic, but the family decided to attend Wasilla, Alaska's Assembly of God Church. At age 12 Sarah was re-baptised in the same church in nearby Beaver Lake with her mother. This is an Evangelical church, and its faith shapes her social views, such as abortion and support for Israel.

In her governor's office in Juneau, Sarah has a small Israeli flag. Her church considers the preservation of the state of Israel a biblical imperative. There are supporters of Israel in the Republican Party. Tucker Eskew is the counselor to Mrs. Palin in the McCain-Palin campaign, and said that she would describe herself as a strong supporter of Israel, and understands Israel's fear of an Iran with nuclear weapons. Merrill Matthews, an Evangelical Christian and a Dallas-based health-policy specialist said that her brand of Evangelical Protestantism is supportive of Israel for biblical reasons. Sarah's home church is the Church of the Rock, which is an independent congregation.

Historically, the Assemblies of God believe in "the rapture" of Christians . They have a very strong support for Israel. It's a part of their prophecy and politics. Sarah is getting good marks from Jewish Republicans.

There is a very small population of Jews in Anchorage, Alaska. I taught 2nd grade at Rabbit Creek Grade School and attended a dinner function there that the synagogue put on. I believe originally they went to Alaska for the fur business. I lasted for one year and a summer as a teacher in Alaska. Those recess supervising days in 30 degree below 0 weather really got to me. I moved back to Oregon, though the pay was far better than any in the lower 48 states.

I did some genealogy on Sarah, and prophetically, on the 1930 Federal census of April 2nd in Alameda, Bannock, Idaho, her father was listed at age 6, being born in 1923. Charles R. Heath's father was Arthur LeRoy Heath, born in Utah on June 3, 1896 in Thurber, Wayne County, Utah. He was a foreman on a railroad, and died August 1, 1938 in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho. On the same census sheet was listed a Frank W. McCain, age 35 and born in Wisconsin with his wife Florence 36, born in Utah. Forence 13 and Frank R 6 were both born in Idaho.

Little did the Palins know that someday their decendant, Sarah Heath Palin would be running as Vice President with John McCain. Now that would be something if Frank W is connected to John.

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